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LizOctober 7, 2011

We have an open concept master where you can see into the bathroom from the bedroom. The is a private toilet enclosure. Right now we have an aclove for the freestand bath which is right by the shower. I want to take the shower wall out and make it all glass but by doing this you will be able to see the person that is showering from the bed. Would it bother you if you could see in the shower from your master bedroom bed? I love the open look but don't like privacy glass so it is either wall or no wall.

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My DH is an early riser (5:00 am), and I certainly don't get up that early. I wouldn't like all that light shining on me when I'm trying to sleep. As for the glass, I prefer not to have a clear glass enclosure. Too hard to keep clean. We have a shower "room", all tile, and I like that better. These are very personal preferences., and only you can answer the question about the privacy issue.

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The privacy wouldn't bother me as the showerer. It would bother me to be the one not up yet and have the open bathroom plan. The noise and light shining in would be my problems. Or if I went to bed first and the other did things in the bathroom after and woke me up. But you didn't ask about that! Ha! So, no...I guess if you're ok with the open plan in the first place, a little more exposure doesn't seem like that big of a deal I suppose?

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Oh, I wouldn't like that at all! My dh would think he was getting a show every morning! ;) We designed a tile shower room in our new house...I like to keep a little mystery in the marriage, plus I would hate keeping all that glass spotless. But if you like it...go for it! I am sure it will look beautiful.

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We have a big glass enclosure. That doesn't bother me at all; however, I would HATE the noise and light.

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We had a beautiful frameless glass shower in our last house. We built a tile enclosure this time. Yep - cleaning was the issue.

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I would be concerned about resale. But then, I doubt very many buyers would want the 'open' BR/Bath you already have. lol

We once looked at a listing where there was a tub sunken INTO the floor of the MBR. (You'd have to be really alert if you got up in the night to use the WC!)

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"Open concept master" has a kind of "ick" factor for me. I'd actually be looking to close it in, not make it more open. Especially if resale is at all a consideration. If it's not, don't ask strangers on the net what they think! ;) LOL!

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I think it could work, especially if you both take very hot showers. The steam should make up for the lack of 'privacy' glass :)

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If you don't want glass to clean, but still want it open...see if you can keep the lower half of the wall in place. Then see if possible to leave the upper half open with no glass. This might be accomplished by getting one of those rain shower heads that sends the water straight down rather than the old style that sends the water on an angle.

With the water raining straight down, there is hardly any splash above 36" (from the floor) and possibly no need for the upper half of the wall to be glass. This way, there is no glass to clean and you can use the top of the knee-wall to hold soap and shampoo bottles :)

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This is our forever home so I am not worried about resale. If we had to sell it would be super simple to enclose the bathroom. I have never built before so that is why I am asking. We have lived in a old farm house for over 10 years on our dream lot saving to build. Our house is so non-functional now that is hard to make decisions about what we want because we are so unexperienced in the home world.

There is a arch way dividing the two rooms but only 3 ft of wall on each side. Right now there is fully enclosed shower and an enclosed toilet room. Then there is freestanding tub in an aclove below the window (which i love) and a double vanity opposite. We have double shower heads ordered and body sprays. There is one rain head and one traditional head but also can be a hand held. The shower is big enough to hold your towel without getting wet if we wish. I think after reading your posts I should keep the shower enclosure as is.

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we are doing a semi-open bath. we are doing a private room for the wc and a tiled pony wall for the shower. also, we are doing a pocket door to the bath so it will feel more open when the door is not closed.

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I'm with the others who would be bothered by the light and noise. I get up early to work out and DH is still sleeping. I don't think he'd appreciate the lights on at 5 am! (And I wouldn't either if he went to bed later than me.) Also I think of times when one or the other of us hasn't felt well, or for example during my pregnancies, getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. I'd hate to turn on the lights if I couldn't close a door, and I wouldn't want to feel like I had to go in the dark.

re: keeping the shower clean: we have a fairly large shower in a corner with 2 glass walls and 2 tiled walls. We keep a squeegee in the shower and use it on all the walls after each shower. It just takes a minute and keeps the glass clean, as well as helping keep the tiles and grout clean too. Then every week or so clean with glass cleaner... sometimes even every other week. Easy!

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