Diana in BC is okay by me!

goldgirlNovember 7, 2006

I had a very long day in work because of the elections. Had to run home at dinner to let my dogs out, than rush back. As I was leaving, I noticed a box that must have just been delivered. It was from Diana in Canada!

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I didn't leave the box where it was until I returned. I didn't put in a safe place near the door. I didn't even go back in the house and leave it on the counter.

I rushed it into the car and ripped it open in the dark!!!!

Diana, I'm not sure if you were one of the swappers who posted about forgetting to include a letter and asking the recipient to hold off a day or two until it arrived. If you are, forgive me. I just couldn't wait ;)

Anywhere, here's what I found:

First, the cookbook. Perfect for me. Ethnic cuisine, which I love. Gorgeous pictures. And simple, clear recipes. Can you say, "Mexican-Style Fish with a Chili Crust?"

Then, what I'm assuming is a handcrafted item. Diana, if you tell me you made this yourself I'll fall over. The candles themselves smell divine, but do you notice that the holder coordinates perfectly with my kitchen?

For some reason I can't get a good closeup shot of the local items - jars of raspberry jam and pickled beets. Both are "homemade by Thelma" in Abbotsford, BC.

Diana, you did a great job and I love it all. Thank you!!!

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Yes, I can say huachinango a la parilla, which is one of my favorite things to have on the beach in Mexico. Sounds like a great cookbook - what ethinicities does it include?

I especially love the candle holder, which I imagine will make very interesting shadows when lit.

I'm sure you'll really enjoy the raspberry jam and pickled beets. I love beet salad.


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Lars - How did I know you could do that translation LOL :)

The cookbook has recipes from around the world, but some of the highlights for me are:

Polenta with Prosciutto
Spicy Crab Tortillas
Moules a la Creme Normande - mussels steamed with cider and cream!
Indonesian Chili Shrimp
Japanese Sweet Roast Pork

OMG, I could go on and on ;)

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What a nifty candle holder ! Sure looks like it fits in your kitchen .

Oh & pickled beets-- a favorite in this house. And raspberry jam-- good with so many things--
Should be some interesting recipes in that cook book .

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Cool candle holder, and great cookbook and treats! I hope you'll post a recipe on the swap book thread...look forward to hearing about what you make!

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That is a cool candleholder, although I never thought about interesting shadows until Lars mentioned it.

We love pickled beets here too, and the cookbook looks unique and interesting.

Diana sure got it right, and delivered on election day too!


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Pickled beets are a favorite here also. I love the cookbook and the candleholder. A very classy package, goldgirl. Nice job, Diana.

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I love it all. Raspberry jam and pickled beets are favorites here too. The cookbook looks really fun - you'll be able to do a lot of exploring. The first thing that I thought when I saw the candle holder is that it would be fun to poke greens in at the base, little leafy branches in the summer and evergreens in the winter.

I think you made great choices Diana and Goldgirl has lots of fun ahead with her gifts.


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That book looks and sounds like a nice classy potpourri of recipes! The candle holder is really unique. Good selections Diana!

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Lovely swap package :-)

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Diana, Looks like you picked some perfect gifts for goldgirl! Great package!

Goldgirl, I can't wait to hear how the chili crusted fish recipe is. Enjoy your awsome package.

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What cool stuff! The cookbook looks like fun, and could be quite educational, too. The jams and pickles I'm sure will be enjoyable, and that candle holder is very unique and attractive. Way to go, Diane, Lucky you, Goldgirl!


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Diana packs a mean swap box! I love the candleholder and what's not to like about raspberry jam and pickled beets? But that cookbook takes it over the top! What fun to experience the world from your own kitchen!


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The homemade jams are quite a score! I think that cookbook counds great. I'd love to hear about that Chili Crust on the page you have opened! Great candleholder! Enjoy!

Great job Diana!

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Great swap package! As Lars said, the candleholder should make interesting shadows! Great cookbook, I hope you will post the fish with chili crust recipe. I'm eating a lot more fish lately and looking for good recipes. Enjoy!!

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You can never have enough ethnic cookbooks! Nice candle holder and yummy preserves.

Nice swap package all around!


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Is this from Deanna? Well, whoever it's from, it's a nice package!

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Great job, Diana! That cookbook looks amazing and the candleholder is very unique.

Now, goldgirl, I just have a feeling that you just don't like beets so I will offer to take those off your hands. *sigh* It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. (me!me!me!)

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colo lady - DH is the beet fanatic in this house, so he has already claimed them with much delight! Gotta keep the boy happy, right ;)

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That is a neato tealight holder.
That cookbook looks like another coffee table art book..
Love big bold ones like that with great pictures.

I love Raspberry Jam..It is my favorite..
And beets...thems good food too!

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Ummmm, pickled beets and raspberry jam, ummmmmm....
Wonderful swap choices, Diana! Enjoy, goldgirl!

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Really liking the Ethnic cookbook - I hope you will share some of the recipes, especially that fish!

Very unusual tealight holder, and yes, it does go perfectly with your kitchen.

I've never had pickled beets, but I *love* raspberry jam. I am sure the beets are wonderful too!

Very nice package!

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Ohhh, ahhh - I don't know anything about that cookbook, but I'm coveting it from here -- looks terrific. That candle holder is beautiful. We were just discussing pickled beets the other night -- I love fresh beets but have never had pickled beets and my Mom couldn't believe it. Guess I'll have to try them one of these days -- let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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I'm glad you liked everything Goldgirl, but I feel kind of stupid, because I sent you a candle holder, and it really doesn't have anything to do with cooking. I don't know what I was thinking!!! It was my first swap, so forgive me. I will know better next time. The jam and beets were made by a lady friend of mine. I have never tried her beets or jam before, but I think they should be good. After all, she sells her canning at the Pacific National Excibition in Vancouver B.C. She makes a killing doing it. Sorry but I don't cann anymore, since I have been working full time. Forgive me!!! Diana55 P.S...I didn't send you a letter either, but I guess I should have. I know better in my next swap!!!

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Of course the votive holder has something to do with cooking. It's a centerpiece :)

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Sue is right Diana. That candle holder is definitely related to cooking. I bet it will look lovely in Sue's kitchen or dining room and both those rooms are related to cooking. Anyone would be happy to have such a beautiful unique gift. And that cookbook looks like it will have lots of great recipes. I hope that Sue will share some of them with us.

You did a great job putting together a wonderful swap box for Sue.


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Wow! The candle holder is really unique and cool! and the cookbook looks fab! What a great selection of things :) Nice job, Diana!!

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A candle lit dinner comes to my mind so I think it's perfect and very unique! The jams sound great and I'll be looking for a recipe from that cookbook too. Diana, ya done good! I know Sue will enjoy it all.


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Goldgirl, you gave me a laugh. I would have done the same thing and ripped into the package right away.

The candleholder is great and I also love the cookbook. Great job, Diana!

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Beautiful! Wow, what a great package! It's just beautiful. You must be loving it, Goldgirl. Diana did a great job for her first swap.

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*GASP* !!!!!! Those candle holders!!!!! Awesome Box!!

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Diana, that candleholder is beautiful!! The canned selections sound delicious and the cookbook looks fantastic! Sue, enjoy your gifts!

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The candle holder is defintely food related. I thought the same as Lars - what interesting shadows that will give.

Those jams sound perfect for you and DH.

Great job, especially since it was your first swap! Ya done good, Diana!

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You did a great job Diana! The candle holder is beautiful and really does match Sue's kitchen. I would love that fish recipe. The whole cookbook sounds wonderful.

Enjoy Sue!


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Great choices, Diana. The candleholder is so unique and the book is beautiful. I'm thinking that chili crust would be good on halibut. And it looks like Thelma knows what she's doing...yum!

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Goldgirl, what a wonderful swap package! It's easy, at least for me, to get in a rut with dinner...your new cookbook will keep things interesting! I look forward to your post on what you try first.

As for the candle holder...of course it's cooking related. That holder is stunning! With that as the centerpiece, the entire meal is "classed" up several notches.

We're another beet loving family. Who knew so many people liked beets? I always thought we were just weird...well, maybe we are but not 'cause we like beets. And, raspberry jam...well, who doesn't love that.

Great package, Diana!

Enjoy all of the goodies, Sue.


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The candle holder is unique and beautiful. I really, really like it. I like everything!

What a nice package, Diana!

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