Le Creuset exchange experience

marys1000October 9, 2007

25 to 30 years ago I bought a set of Le Creuset in a dept store - 3 pieces had wooden handles and were a slightly different size and shape from these

sauce pans with the black handles now

My set consisted of a large um...dutch oven? a smaller one - both these without handles and with lids , a larger "sauce pan" and a smaller one with wooden handles with lids a really small enamled frying pan and a wooden handled frying pan that was enamled on the outside but cast iron on the inside.

You can see in this link they have two different "sets" now a 5 piece where the wooden handles are replaced by black handles and a 6 piece with all metal handles.

The metal handled sauce pan in the second set is significantly wider and lower than the black handled style



A number of months ago I had called Le Creuset about the fact that I had burnt up my larger wooden handled saucepan with sugar water for hummingbirds. A little old lady told me I could send it in but if it was determined that it wasn't normal wear and tear they wouldn't replace it for free but offer me a replacement at a significant discount and gave me a number to put on my package and letter when I sent it in.

So finally a few weeks ago (months after the phone call) I finally put the pan into a box with a handwritten note (printer on the fritz) saying hey I wrecked this pan but I was hoping I could get a discounted replacement. I included my phone number, my email and I can't remember if I included a credit card number??????

So today, about 2-3 weeks later what arrives in the mail? The "21" or 2 1/4 all metal handle low wide saucepan.


The only other thing in there was a "pick" ticket that has a picking note number and a similar slaes order number, invoice to Consumer n/c replacements.

So I think they replaced this for free. I think I would have liked the black handled saucepan better that was closer in style to my old one but hey I'm sure not going to complain.

I thought this is pretty danged good customer service and I should report a postive story.


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Ok well now that I've had a better look maybe I will complain a little. This saucier pan is the same size as the small dutch oven I already have 2 1/4 so now I've got two the same size and this thing is about twice as heavy - too heavy for me to want to use empty. I think they changed all the sizes around. No sort of inbetween anymore. Maybe I'll buy a wooden handled one off of eBay.

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