djdoggoneOctober 22, 2007

Does anyone have experience with this cookware? We are shopping for an induction cooktop and one of the stores we were in recommended this line for the cooktop.

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I have a few Fissler pans and 2 skillets, they are my favorite...much prefer them to my all clad pots and pans. We cook with gas so I am not sure if this would make a difference or not. Also, mine are 16 years old so not sure about the ones available today.

Best of luck

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Thanks, goodfun58. That's always the problem, things change.

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I have recently purchased Fissler Cookware and I have to say that I am in love with it. It was between Fissler and Demeyere and ultimately we went with the Fissler. I had seen it all over the place when I lived in Germany and found it again when I was researching new cookware. We were shopping for induction cookware, as well, and while I was impressed with the ControlInduc from Demeyere, we chose the Fissler Intensa. We have been using it since mid-April and absolutely love it. It is a very modern looking cookware line that may not appeal to all, but it certainly works nicely for us. I'm pretty sure that what goodfun58 is referring to is the Fissler Pro Collection. This is the original Fissler line and has remained unchanged since it inception, and based on my results with the Intensa, I'm sure that it would live up to its reputation as well. I will have to say that after we bought the Intensa, I did splurge and buy a Crispy Fry Pan. I know, weird name, but it is unbelievable. You may want to try a single piece and see how you like before you commit to a major investment.

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Thanks very much food_nut79. I've only seen pictures of the Intensa but I have to say that the way the covers stabilize on the handles is brilliant. I am always burning myself on covers as I try to put them down and pick them up (still hot) from the countertop. And, I imagine, knowing that the pot is boiling without having to lift the cover must come in handy.

What I want to know is, is your steak (chop, whatever) still crispy after setting the lid on the Crispy Fry pan? I found a video demonstration of this pan on the internet and they instruct you to put the lid on after turning the meat to the second side. And, how do you know when the meat will come loose on the second side? Do you have to keep jiggling the pan? I worried that the meat exterior would lose it's crispiness by steaming it.

Inquiring minds.

Oh, and what decided you between the two sets of cookware? as those are the two I am looking at. Was it the price? Haven't handled any Demeyere ware yet, but I hear the shine, even after months, is just great. I love the fact that both lines are REALLY dishwasher safe. (We bought SS All-clad thinking it was dishwasher safe only to find they REALLY recommend handwashing.) I'd love something that can go in the machine and still look good without having to maintain it with Barkeeper's.

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I've bought a set of Fissler's Profi line at a great price at I find it to be much better than my All-Clad pots and pans. The special cookstar bottom prevents warping, the covers fit much better than All-Clad's, every pan and pot has pourable lips, and they also have measurements inside the pot.

I have even bought some pieces from their Intensa line and have also been amazed at how good they are on induction.

To protect my ceramic glass cooktop while cooking, I have settled on using Silpat (silicone backing sheets) on top of each burner. It works much better than the thicker Le Creuset silicone pot holders. The Le Creuset silicone pot holders perfectly fit the burners, as they are round, but they are rather thick and they block a considerable amount of cooking power when using induction. They SilPat ones are thin and even though they are rectangular, they perform great. I haven't used parchment yet, but I hear they also perform well.
\ Greg

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What is it?
I bought a Fissler stainless steel skillet/pan US pat. 4,462,388 or 4,462,366. It is a very nice stainless 18/10 and it appears to have an edge that you can lay food where it can drip back into the pan. It is a large pear shape, and the lid is vented (it is NOT pressurized). Can you tell me what I have and the original Cost? BTW: It is in very good condition and I am sure that I will get many more years of use.
Thank you for any information that you can give me.

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