Small Deep Fryer )) Opinions, Please!

slinkeyOctober 24, 2006

Hi...I'm looking to buy an small, electric deep fryer to use for some Christmas Italian Cookies. I usually deep fry them in my electric fry pan. However, this year, I'm looking to try doing them in a Deep Fryer, hoping this will go faster. I've been reading up on certain ones, and there are so many pros and cons...So, I'm bring this question here to you guys. What do you say. Which one do you like, and why? I'm looking for easy clean up..which I see seems to be a big problem with some of them.

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I have the Rival pro style 3 liter model # CZF585 KS. Its relatively new, and I don't deep fry much. DH wanted fried oysters for his b'day and I didn't want to get grease all over my brand new stove. I got it on sale at Kohls for about $40 and it worked very well - no grease splatter since it cooks with the lid on and clean up was easy.

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thanks jackidr..I'll have to check it out, and the price seems about right too. Does it have an on and off setting as well as temp control? Also for the clean up that you say is easy, do any of the parts come out so you can put them in the dishwasher? I'm asking because this seems to be some of the complaints that I was reading up on.
Thanks for any other imput you might have.

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Yes, the heating unit it detachable and then the other parts can go in the DW. It does have temperature control, but I don't remember if it has an on/ off switch. I will check when I get home. I did check the Kohls website and its on sale now for 49.99. I'm pretty sure I paid less, about $40, but I got it in the local store.

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jackidr...I appreciate your follow up on this. I've been so confused as which one to go with, and yours sounds pretty attractive, price and all. I do like the fact that it can go in the DW. Have you done 'batter' fried foods? I've read on many, that the batter sticks to the basket, and was curious.

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OK I pulled it out with the manual - it does have an on/off switch. I've only used it twice. Both times I did seafood that I first dipped in egg, then seasoned corn meal, and then egg again. While not a true batter, it was pretty wet and there was no problem with it sticking to the basket. The manual has recipes for fritters and batter dipped chicken, so I guess it would be fine for batters. Hope this helps.

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Yes, you were very helpful... I'll be heading out this weekend to buy one.
I want to 'experiment' with it, before I do the real deal...
I'm excited now, and it's good to know that you've used it, and had no problems.

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I have a Fry Daddy and while it works extremely well, it does not have a basket, only a slotted spoon. I wish I had one with a basket.

Jackidr, can you store the used oil in your deep fryer when it's not in use? Does the lid securely seal the part with the oil?

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marie, no you cannot store the oil in the unit and the lid will not securely seal the oil in. This is not an issue for me - since I only use it for seafood and don't use it often, I never intend to reuse the oil. It doesnt require a lot of oil, so I don't really mind only getting one use out of it.

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