Anyone heard of BergHoff cookware?

amysrqOctober 9, 2004

Was shopping at my local Restaurant Supply store yesterday where the guy was really pitching BergHoff cookware. He said they had stopped carrying All-Clad because this is so much better. What I often suspect when I am really being sold on something is that maybe their margins are better. Or maybe too many other stores now sell All-Clad. What's better for him might not be better for me. Anyhoo, I was just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this line.

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I saw them at a home show in St Petersburg, FL today, but I didn't really look at the display. At least they weren't shilling the bystanders with a cooking show like the other three cookware vendors we saw.


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Hi , i purchased a BergHoff Induction Hob from a camping show in London , and its the best thing in my kitchen . The pots and pans i can live without . (Tefal induction are the best ) .

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I purchased there waterless cookware set about 6 months ago. They have a store in Odessa, Fl. and stopped by one day. What a great store and the sales help are very friendly and helpfull. Not pushie at all, they answered my questions and gave me a booklet on waterless cookware. When I left I started to do my homework, let me tell you it is very impressive. I bought a 20 pc set for under $500. try to find that someplace else. I bet you can't!
Anyway I love the cookware set, the nice thing is you don't have to do waterless you can cook anyway you want to, it is up to you. I also have some of there knives. Really nice.

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I bought the Berghoff pressure cooker at a Tacoma, Washington sale. It is really great quality, and I love to cook with it.
I now however have a problem as I recently lost a small washer that is connected to the safety pin. So far I have not been able to find where I get parts for Berghoff cookware.
If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks, Sonu

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Palmrose, there is an outlet near me-Tampa.

omg! I went to the BergHoff warehouse showroom last week and lost my mind! The stuff was beautiful. I bought way more than I wanted to, actually I was going just to look and maybe buy a Christmas gift at best. I ended up buying lots of pots and cook tools for ME as I didn't think anyone else on my list would appreciate the quality.

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I cooked on a BergHoff induction hotplate while my kitchen reno was ongoing, but haven't needed it now that my 36" gas range is in action. The hotplate came with a non-stick frypan, which is OK, but one more non-stick that I really need. It is a bit too big for omelettes, and I can't think of anything that I need it for.

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Yes I am cooking with BerHoff s/s cook weare for last 7 years and I can say it is the best cook weare I ever see.I bought it in Australia/Melbourne. It is healthy nutrition cooking and energy saving too


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Yes I HAVE BergHOFFback in 2005 I love my pot and pan and have been look were to go in Australia to see more but can not fine them or a email adreess for them if some one can help with a email or phono nunber please . But great cooking with them

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