in the market for a new crock-pot/slow cooker

piper101October 24, 2007

Hi, Don't really know the right spot to post this but....I am in the market for a new crockpot. What say you all regarding digital,,normal hi-low,,multiple temperatures,,,some have temp probes etc. What do you think of ones that have different sized crocks that fit the same unit? Either that or am considering a Nesco roaster. Been a long time 15 yrs since I've bought one and don't know the best way to go. I use mine a couple of times a month if that helps and make big batches so I don't have to cook for the second meal. Only have a family of 3. Thank you.

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I was just coming here to discuss the same thing, so rather than start a new thread I will tag on to your's if that is OK.

I am interested in this slow cooker, since I am suddenly down to two small children that eat very little and one dh. This slow cooker looks like it might be just what I need.

Does anyone have any comments on it?

I have the versaware now and do not use it as the lid is worthless and the crock is very fragile (I am on my third crock).

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 in 1 slow cooker

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Red - Look in the cooking section, 9 people responded there. Thanks for the info on 3 n 1.

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Red, That may be the one I've seen on amazon, at least it has the same 2,4 & 6 quart option. Looking at the picture what do you think about the larger size having a great deal of the crock outside the heating area? Just noticed it on this picture for H.Beach.

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piper--Haven't checked out the thread at cooking yet, but will go there next. Your question about the largest crock does seem valid. A lot of that large crock is outside of the cooking surface. I found a forum reviewing crocks (lord knows where). Some people liked this cooker, some didn't. One gal was very scientific. She used a thermometer and checked temps using water in the various sized crocks, at the different settings. She determined that she liked the crock but only if she "fooled" the cooker by using different settings for different sized crocks. For instance--she used the 4 quart setting for the 6 quart crock and had good cooking results.

Who knows. All I know is that I do not need a huge slow cooker (one child grown, one at college, two littles at home). Do not get the versaware. That thing is worthless.

I do not want to buy 10 slow cookers and put each one in a garage sale to find one I like--how about you?

I saw this 3 in one at Target Sunday--and the control seemed flimsy--like the dial might fall apart easily.

Off to the cooking forum to find that thread.


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Red, Have you ever looked into a Multi-cooker. For example what I have now is by Daisy but they are out of business so I Presto now makes this. Anyway, my temperature dial I can set the temp from like 150 degrees on up and I decide what to do it on. I can fry it in, the main 'house' is coated for non stick so I guess you could steam in it or use it like a elec. fry pan. I just use mine for the crockpot and I have deep fried in it too. It has the removable crock pot. Maybe I should just keep mine until it dies. This is the second one I've had (only because x #1 got 1st one) and I've had mine for 15 yrs. The crock is crazed but not cracked and when I looked into just getting a replacement, that is when I found out that Daisy is out of business. I'm not liking what I'm hearing about Rival that is for sure!! Nesco is looking better now.

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I just got the HB 3 In 1 and have to say, I love it. I really like having the small 2 quart for making overnight oatmeal or a meal for just 2 or 3 people, and also in the same cupboard space having a 6 quart for making large batches of chicken stock.

The crockery washes up great, very stick-free. I also like the glass lid with metal rim around it so I won't chip it when knock it against the faucet.

The only thing I'm dubious about is the little hole in the lid. Seems like that will let a lot of heat out? I don't see a constant stream of steam coming out but still, I've never seen another crockpot lid with a hole in it.

Overall, I'm very happy with it. $40 at Walmart, $48-$60 on amazon, but the amazon one has pretty colors.

Before I got this one I wanted one that was oval, because I've read it's a more useful shape, and also the best brands are Rival and Westbend.

Hope this helps if you're still in the market for one :)

Here is a link that might be useful: here's the one on amazon

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Rosieo - Does much heat escape since part of the crock is exposed to the air (not enclosed by metal around it)?? Does it take longer than usual due to this/ cooking times different or about the same. I'm looking into that one. Thanks!!

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