Pro-Health Ultra Cookware

joetoeOctober 22, 2011

I am about to buy Pro-Health Ultra Cookware and would like to know if anyone has this cookware. I would like to know what you think about it. Is it as good as they say it is? Is it made in the USA as they say it is? For all I know is that the office could be in Clarksville, TN and made in China. How does it cook? Would you buy it again? What do you think about the Vapor Lock Whistle? Would you get the Cool Grip Handles or the Stainless Steel handles?

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How expensive is it? The outrageously expensive cookware is definitely over-hyped and not worth it.

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Little Acorn - the stuff is a scam. You would be way overpaying for mediocre cookware, and don't believe any claims they make about it being healthier or somesuch nonsense. You can google "Pro-health" for yourself and see all the complaints. Very similar to Saladmaster which you should also steer clear of. These companies make me angry at how they convince gullible people to part with their money. They do all kinds of "demonstrations" at fairs and home shows that are as fake as the Carney selling snake oil. Really. Believe me when I say it. This Pro-Health would not be a good use of your money.

I am not a fan of cookware "sets" to begin with, because the sets usually do not have the useful sizes most cooks need, and often come with sizes you do not need but nevertheless will take up cabinet space. You are better off to buy pans individually, and get good quality piece by piece. However, there is one exception IMHO to my own rule about cookware sets. That is the Tramontina Triply-Clad set sold on Walmart (internet only, though they will deliver to your local Walmart store for free). I will link it. You can see the several hundred positive reviews on the link. The cookware is amazing, I have a couple of them myself (I bought individually). If you buy make sure it is the one that says "Triply-Clad" in the name.

So, if you are looking for a set, you could buy the Tramontina Triply-Clad, and round it out with a couple of inexpensive non-stick pans (don't spend a lot on non-stick pans, they all wear out in a couple of years no matter what they cost), and perhaps an enamelled cast iron dutch oven by Tramontina or Lodge if you want.

Or, you could do a search on this forum and on the Cooking Forum for recommendations for individual pieces of cookware. You could just buy a 4-qt. saucepan, 10" and 12" fry pans, a 6-7 qt. dutch oven, and be done with your complete "starter" set. You could then add to that piece by piece as you go along.

Tramontinia Triply-Clad 10-piece Set

Tramontina Triply-Clad 8-piece Set

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What I would like to know is do they have the same quality as Americraft and Pro-Health Ultra 7 ply waterless cookware?

We all should compare "APPLES with APPLES" Right.

If we don't we would buy something and think we were getting the same quality and would not be. Than we would both be upset because we thought they were equal quality.

It like buying a BMW and getting a Hugo. So we must compare APPLES with APPLES.

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Well, you sound like your mind is made up regardless of what anyone here could possibly say.

You're about to put down a lot of money for overpriced overhyped apples that come from some magic tree. Little can be said to dissuade you that the tree isn't magic.

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I cannot believe I spent time giving you advice and providing links. Your OP said "I would like to know what you think about it. Is it as good as they say it is?" I answered those questions. Then you changed your question entirely in your second post. And, who is "they" that you mentioned? I couldn't find one good review, only complaints. There is no "they". And when you say "the same quality as Americraft and Pro-Health Ultra 7 ply waterless cookware?", why don't YOU tell US, what is the quality of those two? And how do you know?

As I said, it's a scam. But you really really want to believe it. I am only responding a second time in case there are other people who have seen one of those looney demos from Pro-health and sincerely are wondering about it. As Sushipup said, you've made up your mind. I've wasted my time.

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Hold it one minute my mind is not made up yet because I emailed the Company you told me about and ask them if they had cookware of the same quality as these two Companies have.

You better believe I would by there Cookware if they do.

Since they have been around for 100 years you would think that they would.

Like I said before would you like a BMW or a HUGO?

WE all would like to have a BMW wouldn't we?

So why not the best COOKWARE.

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Here's a report I found just by Googling the company name. $1900?

It's a scam.

You don't want to hear that, let me put it into terms you might understand. you'll pay Rolls Royce prices and still get a Yugo (not HUGO).

Here is a link that might be useful: scam

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Oh, and it looks like you, or someone else using the exact same wording as your original post has asked the same question elsewhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's another complaint

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What did you put in because I try all day yesterday and could not bring anything up.

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I googled "pro health ultra"

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I put the address in that I give you and could not bring anything up on them.

What did you find?

Again here is there address :

Pro-Health Ultra Cookware
Customer Service Department
157 Airport Road
Clarksville, TN 37042

I don't know why it was not posted the first time.

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I don't give beans about their address. You asked how I got info and I told you that I googled "pro health ultra".

It's a scam. I don't care if their address is the moon.

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And it's Yugo, no Hugo.

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The cookware that i am looking at it Diamond Craft sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope that you will find this a much better Cookware, and that there is no completes.

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Mentioned in this article.

I've never understood "waterless" cooking. I use a microwave for that. Oh, well....

Here is a link that might be useful: cookware recommendations

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"Waterless cooking" is a bunch of hooey. I've read this thread with astonishment at how determined Little Acorn is to buy over-priced cookware. No matter what anyone writes, Little Acorn ignores it. Little Acorn wants to spend a lot, for "waterless" cookware. The saying is "there's a sucker born every minute". C'mon, do you REALLY think you will somehow be healthier using this cookware? Well, it's your money, go throw it at these companies. Sushipup, you have the patience of a saint.

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If I am wrong on this issue why is there so many Cookware Companies out there saleing Waterless Cookware?

No I am not a sucker, Yes there are Companies out there that sale Cookware that you pay for that does not have the quality and workmanship as your Top of the line Cookware has and you are throwing good money out the window also.

There are people out there that will buy chap chap chap cookware and say that it is the best cookware they have ever had because they will not admen t to themselves that it is worth the extra money to spend and get quality Cookware.

Have I brought this COOKWARE yet? NO. I am still reaching and finding other Companies out there that have the same quality as they have at a much lower price and still made in the USA.

As far as waterless cookware goes the food will cook in there own juices and NO you do not cook on high heat

If you want to buy CHAP COOKWARE go right ahead I am not stooping you. I am trying to make a point. QUALITY means allot, but you don't have to get reaped off ether.

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So many companies sell "waterless cookware" because there's are suckers who buy it.

Yes, you are a sucker.

There is excellent quality cookware available in most stores, a lot of it is made in the US. Those companies just don't have pyramid marketing schemes or sell at fairs and home shows or "give away" vacation trips.

If you mean "Cheap" not chap, I am recommending very expensive cookware that does not come with a large dose of magical thinking.

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Go to and you will find a $2100 set of Waterless Cookware for I believe $350.00 now you are calling me a "SUCKER" if anyone is a "SUCKER" it you.

You cannot beat that deal any where and if you can I want to know where.

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A realistic price for some pots and pans. Magical thinking still required, I suppose.

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Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element Surgical-Stainless-Steel Waterless Cookware Set

Providing a wide range of essentials, this 17-piece cookware collection makes a nice choice for those setting up a first-time kitchen or for anyone looking to upgrade. The set includes a 1-2/3-quart covered saucepan, a 2-1/2-quart covered saucepan, a 3-1/5-quart covered saucepan, a 7-1/2-quart stovetop roaster, an 11-3/8-inch skillet, a dome cover for the roaster and the skillet (can also be used directly on the stovetop as an extra skillet), and a flat cover for the roaster and the skillet, as well as a double boiler unit, five egg cups, and an egg utility rack. Use the saucepans when making homemade marinara sauce, cooking lentils, or heating up soup; the stovetop roaster works well for cooking large cuts of meat; and the skillet provides a wide flat base and tall sides--perfect for one-dish meals like chicken and rice. Melting chocolate's effortless with the double boiler in place (it can also be used directly on the stovetop as a 3-quart saucepan), and the egg cups allow for making poached eggs. The collection also provides a handy recipe book with step-by-step instructions.

Best of all, the cookware can be used with the healthy "waterless" method of cooking. "Waterless" cooking allows for quickly cooking food on the stovetop at low temperatures and with only a very small amount of water--if any. It cooks in a way that retains almost all the vitamins and minerals (only 2-percent average mineral loss)--so veggies come out the same vibrant color as when they went in the pan. Even more, the high-quality cookware does not require additional grease or oil when cooking, which means low-fat meal options. Steam-cook food without the need for a steamer basket, bake a chocolate cake on the stovetop--between conventional cooking and the "waterless" method, the options are endless.

To ensure fast, even heating with excellent heat retention and no hot spots, Maxam's "waterless" cookware features 304 surgical stainless-steel construction, inside and out, with an encapsulated thick aluminum disk in the base, which consists of nine elements: chrome, nickel, manganese, silicon, aluminum, iron, copper, molybedenum, and vanadium. The nine-element construction means that the cookware can be stacked, one on top of another, for space- and energy-saving convenience. Start by cooking on individual burners; when the steam-release valve in the lid whistles, simply stack the pans to finish cooking. For example, a hearty stew with carrots and potatoes can cook in the bottom pan, while broccoli cooks in a medium-size pan above that and another veggie cooks in a smaller-size pan on the very top. The self-sealing lids help lock in flavor and nutrients, and they can be inverted for nesting inside the proper pan before stacking or hanging the cookware when not in use. Even more, the thoughtfully designed cookware features nonslip phenolic handles that are welded to the outside (no rivets or screws inside the pan) and can withstand an oven's heat up to 350 degrees F (though the cookware is designed for stove-top use only--no need to turn on the oven when it's possible to bake on the stovetop). The handles are resistant to heat, cold, and detergents, and they offer a hanging hole at the end to help save on cupboard space. Safe to use on ceramic, electric, and gas stoves, the cookware carries a limited lifetime warranty and cleans up easily by hand with warm, soapy water (pots can go in the dishwasher, but the lids should be hand-washed due to the steam-release valves).

What's in the Box
1-2/3-quart, 2-1/2-quart, and 3-1/5-quart covered saucepans; 7-1/2-quart stovetop roaster; 11-3/8-inch skillet; dome cover for the roaster and skillet; flat cover for the roaster and skillet; double boiler; 5 egg cups; egg utility rack; recipe book with instructions.
1-2/3-quart covered saucepan measures approximately 7-1/2 inches wide by 3-3/8 inches high
2-1/2-quart covered saucepan measures approximately 8-5/8 inches wide by 3-3/4 inches high
3-1/5-quart covered saucepan measures approximately 9-1/8 inches wide by 4-1/8 inches high
7-1/2-quart stovetop roaster measures approximately 11-7/16 inches wide by 5-5/8 inches high
11-3/8-inch skillet measures approximately 11-7/16 inches wide by 2-13/16 inches high
Double boiler measures approximately 9-1/16 inches wide by 4 inches high
Dome cover for roaster or skillet measures approximately 11 inches wide by 3-3/8 inches high
Product Description
This is the highest quality Steam Control Surgical Stainless Steel "Waterless" Cookware Set. Each piece is constructed of extra heavy surgical stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Valves can screw on and off for easy cleaning.

or this one:

17 Pieces
This 7-ply, surgical stainless steel waterless cookware set, which we call our "Ultra" set, is considered by many to be one of the highest quality waterless cookware sets on the market today. The manufacturer began manufacturing waterless cookware in 1950, and this was their very first set. History has proven this set to be a high quality, long lasting investment. The Ultra set is different from most waterless cookware sets in that it contains a layer of carbon steel between the layers of surgical stainless steel. Carbon steel is a heating element which carries the heat evenly to all parts of the cooking utensil and in the process prevents hot spots. This is important in waterless cooking, and allows food to cook naturally in their own juices within a complete circle of heat. The carbon steel was included in the construction of this set in order to make it possible to be used on an induction-top stove. The KT17ULTRA set is suitable for ceramic, induction-top, electric, and gas stoves. The handles are resistant to heat, cold and harsh detergents. This set weighs a total of 37 lbs. Lifetime Warranty.

Now what do you have to say?

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I've never "got" waterless cookware either. I just read all through the previous post, and it really doesn't explain how one would go about cooking lentils, rice, or soup without water....

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I do agree with that, you must have water, but you should steam it.

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"Now what do you have to say?"

I say you should buy the stuff, use it and report back....after you know what you're talking about. Right now, you obviously don't. It's as if you're glaze-eyed in front of a carnival barker.

Lacking knowledge, you've asked for advice and opinion....then proceeded to disagree and argue with everyone who has come forward with what you've asked for. From what you've written, I'm not convinced you even know how to cook...with or without water.

Buy whatever you want. See ya.

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Little Acorn gets around:

Waterless Cookware Scam discussion at Cooking for Engineers (link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Waterless cookware scam

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I have "waterless cookware" bought at Sears in the early '60s. It's stainless and has the waterless rims, but not thick heavy bottoms. And it wasn't expensive.

DD wanted her own when she got out on her own, so we got the Maxim. Much heavier bottoms than mine. Maxam has several sets at reasonable prices. We narrowed it down to the most useful pieces and ordered that set.

Actually, I don't use mine much anymore. I prefer non-stick. Not sure how much she uses hers, but she says her friends would like some too so I guess she uses it.

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I have owned both 5 ply waterless cookware and tri ply cookware. You can cook perfectly well in either. My experience is that the 5 ply is much more resistant to delaminating and warping than the tri ply. Somehow, there is always an idiot around who will put your hot skillet into the sink and run cold water on it before you can stop them. No, it is not me. A helpful husband or teen, a relative over for a holiday. I have a decided preference for the 5 ply, specifically Vitacraft, which IS made in the USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vitacraft website

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I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to add my 2 cents.....I have owned Towne Craft 5 ply for the past 15 years and love it. I was surprised to see how rude and abrupt some posters were about the subject of waterless cooking. I cook on gas and have no problems using waterless cookware. I cook on a low heat, let the lid rumble slightly for about 10 minutes, then turn of the heat. My lids form a vacuum seal and lock in the heat and cook similar to a pressure cooker. My food is done when I can pull the lid off without a lot of effort. You can add enough water just to cover the bottom of the pan while cooking on low.

Waterless cooking is not a bunch of hype. True this cookware is expensive. I paid $1000 for mine 15 years ago. If you don't want to spend the money then fine......but don't scold those who want to experience waterless cooking. I can tell you first hand that my fresh vegies taste very different (and more delicious) than the ones boiled in water.

I am currently buying a second set of waterless cookware. I really need a second set because of the amount of cooking I do. I will not necessarily purchase Towne Craft because I believe I can get something comparable for less.

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