Deep Frying

giggles44October 4, 2005

I am looking for a pan or pot for deep frying. What suggestions does one have? I am getting a new kitchen with a cooktop with a high btu burner. Thanks for your help!

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Hi giggles, What are you deep frying? I usually use a cast iron dutch oven, but I've changed over to my cast iron wok. I like it because I don't have to use as much oil, yet the surface area is large. I don't deep fry that much, but since I've been using this, it's become my preferred method.

What have you been using?

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Claire de Luna

I don't deep fry very often, but when I do I have used my wok. This combined with low btu was not a good situation. Where did you get a cast iron wok?

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I found mine at our local Farberware outlet in town. It was $10 and I love it. I know Lodge makes a wok with a handle.

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