pasta/steamer combo

fritzgardenOctober 18, 2007

I've done a fair amount of reading here as I look to replace our archaic and annoying Faberware. I'd like to find a pasta/steamer combo whose handles stay cool under the boil (if that's possible) and don't get loose every other usage. While I like what I've read about all the quality foreign made stuff (Demeyere Atlantis, etc), I'm thinking the AC multi cooker for $100 would be infinity better then the currant. I'm not sure I realize the difference in a $400 pot.

Here is a link that might be useful: AC multi cooker

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Far be it for me to tell you what you want....but after years of using a pasta cooker with a colonder insert and picking bits of angel hair out of the pan or having spaghetti crawl through the holes, I now just boil pasta in a pot and dump it into a strainer or colonder in the sink. And I haven't used the steamer insert but maybe once in 25 years. I just use my fold out basket that fits into my archaic Farberware sauce pan.
But that All Clad one looks great for 100 bucks and will be a great stock pot or soup pot however I am sure the handles will get hot. I just use pot holders or a kitchen towel when handling a pan with metal handles.
Linda C

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I picked up one of these at TJ Maxx for a bargain because I wanted one for quite some time. Glad I didn't pay much, because it was a disappointment. Takes a lot of water to cover the insert therefore takes a long time to bring it to a boil.

Went back to my old pot that I used forever and my colander. I now have my TJ Max find sitting in the basement ready for my next garage sale. I don't even use it for a stock pot.

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Here's a Tramontina set which I like a lot. I got it at Sam's a couple of years ago for around $40, and a couple of weeks ago I saw a Tuesday Morning flyer listing a similar item for around $50 or $60.

Well made, heavy, but any solid metal item will have hot handles if it's on the stove long enough. The steamer insert is big enough to hold a 4 pound whole chicken.

At $40 it was a great buy, at $60 it's a decent one; at full retail of $98 it's not so hot. I imagine, though, with the dollar really losing power against the euro, anything imported from Europe right now is gonna be pricey. (At my local Publix, some Italian cheeses were around $18/pound)....

But as a couple of posters noted, a colander and a regular stock pot work fine, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: tramontina multi cooker

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