Authentic Kitchen enameled cast iron casserole

leaveswaveOctober 14, 2008

I was shopping for a Tramontina as they have been listed as a 'best buy' by Cook's Illustrated. However, in visits to four different Target stores, I didn't see one that wasn't scratched, holes in the enamel, poor-fitting lid, etc.

I was recently in TJ Maxx and saw a nice-looking Authentic Kitchen casserole. The price was even a bit more budget-friendly. I'd like to learn about the experiences of anyone who has purchased one of these, or can point me to some online reviews.

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I bought one for my daughter 3 years ago....she uses it a lot as it's the perfect shape for a small roast or a chicken. She says she can see that it's not as good quality as Le Cruset, there are little chips on the enamel where the lid fits on the edge....but, heck! I only paid $39 for it!
I think it was a great buy!
Linda c

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Thanks, Linda, that's helpful to know., I've given up on the chefmate/tramontina, and this item I prefer to buy in person.

Any others using 'authentic kitchen'?

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