pizza stone with handles--opinions on all clad version

elenalOctober 3, 2006

Hi: I'm in the market for a pizza stone, and I've just noticed that All Clad makes a soapstone pizza stone set that is set into a stainless steel handle. It looks nifty, though it is not cheap ($99 on the web, $119 at William Sonoma). The thing that I like about it is that that the handles would make it easier to get in and out of the oven, to serve on, and you could use it as a pretty handsome tray for appetizers or cheeses (I'm a bit storage space constrained, so I'm always looking for double duty tools). My only worry is that All Clad says that it is only safe to 450 degrees, and I always cook my pizza at 500. Any thoughts on this purchase? Thanks.

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I would not buy any pizza stone that says it's only safe to 450.
Also a pizza stone gets pretty grungy looking after a few uses, don't think you would want to use it for serving.
Go for an ordinary stone without a frame to put it in and save some money.
Just leave the stone in your oven, on the bottom shelf. It works for a lot of things, like bread and rolls as well as breaded chicken etc.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: pizza stone

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Lindac, Thanks for the advice. You make excellent points, and I am convinced. Thanks to you I'll actually spend less money than planned for once! Thanks for sharing your views.

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I keep pizza stones on my bottom shelf but I'm squeamish about the broiler. Has anyone had a bad experience with broilers & stones? Is there any reason to worry?

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I bought my pizza stone with handles from Target for $7 from the clearance rack. However, Fibrament is supposed to be the top of the line pizza stone.

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I prepared my first pizza on my new (cheap) pizza stone last night. It was delicious. What a difference over a pizza cooked on a metal pizza pan. Thanks for the advice and for encouraging me to go cheaper than I'd planned on this purchase. Now with the money I saved....

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DONT WASTE your money. You can get a pizza "stone" from Home Depot type place for about 2.50. Mine is a 16" square unglazed ceramic floor tile. And whoever said it gets dirty is RIGHT, or maybe I am just too lazy to clean it all the time, ;) lol.

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Mine came with a chrome rack but after trying it once I got rid of it. Wrestling with that thing and a 450F. stone with a pizza on it was too acrobatic for me... too dangerous.

But hear this: Pizza stones are a mess after one or two uses and you don't want to put soapy water on yours and have it absorb that taste... wouldn't work anyway since it's not surface dirt but baked on/in carbon. And brushes sold to clean them just don't do the job. Put the stained/soiled stone in your oven when you do the self-clean step. You'll be startled at the perfectly clean stone you remove a few hours later. Mine looked brand new. The carbon has been reduced to ash, just like anything that soiled the oven. Brush it off. Voila!

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