Bread making machines

snappybobOctober 26, 2009

I am considering getting my wife a bread making machine. I am thinking something in the $50 to $100 range. I am clueless about bread making machines and looking for some advise. Brands that are considered good and brands that are considered to be junk would be a good place to start. We would be making rather small batches so size is not a big issue. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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You may want to post this over on the Cooking forum. There are a lot of bakers over there and that site moves faster. I do want you to realize that home baked, home made bread is hard to resist. SO got me a bread machine a number of years ago and I had to quit using it because we were putting on so much weight.

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I bought a Panasonic bread machine almost two years ago after reading Amazon reviews. It is wonderful, quiet and kneads like a champ. The bread pan is the most solid out of the three machines I've owned and fits perfectly into the machine without using side clips that can fail. It twists into place so the pan never pops out of place during kneading. A great basic machine that is well built.

You may also consider reading up on making bread. There are a number of excellent books (also with Amazon reviews!) for making what they call "no-knead" bread. Basically, you mix the dough, wait 8 hours in the fridge for gluten development, then shape, and bake it off in your oven, sometimes in a dutch oven. The texture and crust is stupendous. I have a friend whose husband is addicted to baking bread this way. I've done it myself and it works wonderfully. So you may not need a bread machine at all, depending on what you want to accomplish. A machine is great for high water content dough which is difficult to knead. Mark Bittman in his "How to Cook Everything" cook book emphatically states that you don't need a bread machine to bake bread. He uses a food processor, or the "no kneed" method.

Good luck with your choice and have fun!


Here is a link that might be useful: Panasonic bread machine

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