Grill Pan - lodge vs. enameled

dmloveOctober 12, 2006

I've read the prior threads, but have another question. I love my Le Creuset Dutch oven, but what is the advantage to an enameled grill pan over a Lodge Logic grill pan (other than maybe the fact that the outside is easier to clean)? Aren't the insides the same?

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Haven't used an enamelled one, but the Lodge isn't difficult to clean at all. I've probably got 3 dozen pieces of cast iron (including the grill pan), and if it's well-seasoned, all you need do is rinse it off after use. Cast iron is one of the easiest materials to clean.

I'd wonder, if the high heat usually used for grilling might not damage or at the very least, discolor an enamelled pan? But as I said, I just have the regular, old-fashioned, cast iron.

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