Ktichenaid duel fuel vs GE Cafe duel fuel?

SarinaNovember 29, 2013

Anyone one out there have this ranges? The kitchenaid is the one with the warming drawer on bottom. I want a duel fuel but want the warming drawer feature. I also do not want to spend the Wolf , dacor , Thermodor picices.

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Sophie Wheeler

Duel fuel is wasted money. There's absolutely nothing wrong with cooking with a gas oven. It's a myth that electric is "better". All of the baking in commercial kitchens uses gas ovens. So, if you want restaurant quality results, stick with the all gas.

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Since they sell commercial electric ovens and ranges somebody is using electric ovens to make a living.

Most commercial food service companies use gas ovens because natural gas is a lot cheaper than electricity.

Having said that, I don't think dual-fuel is worth the premium. Buy an all gas range.

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I'm thinking about dual-fuel too, and I keep reading post exactly like this where "they're not worth the money" is the response. However, I'm not seeing the price difference. I want an oven that has convection, meat probe & a proof settings (we moved 3 months ago, and now have a 8 yr old Whirlpool LP range....those are the 3 features I commonly used in the wall oven of our former home, and that's what I want). Having those features in a gas range often throws me up into the same price bracket as dual-fuel. For comparison sake, I'm looking at the AJMadison website, and since the OP was asking about GE Cafe - the dual-fuel model is $2,877....the comparable gas range is $2,877. I'm leaning towards Electrolux....so the prices there are $2,784 DF vs $2,694 gas...a difference of $90, or just over 3% (to me, NOT enough to sway me based on price). There does seem to be about a $300 difference within the KitchenAid models. So yes, if price is your issue, then KA all gas is probably the way to go if you're deciding btw KA & GE.

OP - Hopefully someone can give you a real review. For what it's worth, I have read that KA doesn't have the best track record on gas ranges....don't know how that equates to DF. Best of luck! :-)

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Hokie98 . I too liked the Electrolux but from what I can see they now only come in a slide in range for the duel fuel. I need freestanding . They have one I liked that was just a bit over 3000. Do you know if they do make a freestanding that is a current model ?

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These may get you started on GE Cafe.







If you do a google/bing/whatever search using "GE Cafe + gradenweb" and "GE Cafe + chowhound" and "kitchenaid + dual fuel + gardenweb" as search strings, you will get more hits.

A couple of things to note on threads from prior to 2012. One is that the Cafe threads will be about earlier versions of the Cafe line and some of the earlier ones had a problem with oven use overheating the front mounted control knobs. My recollection from stove shopping last year was that GE did a redesign in 2011 that fixed the problem. The other thing is that Kitchenaid (and corporate parent, Whirlpool) had problems with self-cleaning ovens cooking the electronics and/or tripping an internal over-temp circuit-breaker (which required taking the oven apart to re-set). KA/WP supposedly fixed this problem in 2012 by installing stronger cooling fans for the stove electronics. Something to research when considering the KA.

IF you have access to Consumer Reports, you may want to check out the embership survey results. My recollection is that GE ranges have been noticably more reliable than KA ranges in the first five years of ownership

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Hey Sarina - Regarding Elux in freestanding, you're right - I don't recall seeing any freestanding models, unless you go all gas. I hadn't paid attention to that gas model since it doesn't have a temp probe or proof button....I know, some ppl will say those are a waste, but hey, that's what I want! Bosch also has a couple of freestanding DF with a warming drawer.


In our previous house, we had a Thermador cooktop & wall oven that I used for 5-1/2 yrs. I was happy with those (Bosch being Thermador's parent company).

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Ended up buying this weekend the GE Cafe dual fuel . There was some talk about the top scratching easy by a few people on review. I think all stainless with heavy grates scratch . I know that my Wolf cooktop in last house did but it never brothered me much. I hope it is the same situation with the GE .

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Congrats on the new range! I had a Thermador cooktop in our previous house and it scratched too - not from the grates, but from cleaning it. I always used "scratchless" pads/powder, but it seemed inevitable. Like you, it didn't bother me either. Happy cooking!

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Thank you hokie98:)

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