All Clad 2.5 qt Windsor or regular straight sided

marys1000October 9, 2011

I'm trying to decide which pan to buy.

I currently have a basic set, more or less of Le Creuset

Large Dutch Oven, 2qt?/#18 Dutch Oven, 2 qt? saucier, 1 small, handled pot

I use a 8 cup Chemex for coffee and currently boil the water in my 2 qt DO but it seems like its hard on surface. Or maybe the surface was going before but anyway now its gotten dull with some bottom spots occurring. I will send it in for replacement at some point but would like to boil water in something stainless steel.

I want to stick with All Clad. I know it will seem excessive to many but I'm fussy about what I heat 'food' in and I don't spend money on many other things. I will probably buy an irregular from Cookwarenmore.

Why not a teapot? The all clad ss teapot is made in China. Most are. Why not use something you can use for other things anyway? I don't feel the need for a whistle.

I'm single, older and don't honestly cook cook all that much although I do prepare my own meals most nights. They are fairly simple though. I use my #18 dutch oven the most by far. I love its size and dimensions especially. However I think LC may have changed sizes on these:(

So I'm trying to decide between a 2.5 qt Windsor pan that has angled sides to boil coffee water in or a regular straight sided sauce pan. 8 cups is 2 qts (pretty sure) so the 2.5 part is good, not sure how dual use it would be though? The regular straight sided sauce pan comes in only 2 and 3 qt. The 2 qt is taller and narrower than my 2 qt dutch oven (6 x 4.5) which I'm not sure I like for dual use simply from a get in there and see what's going on and stir perspective. I guess for minimizing evaporation it is a good thing I don't know if thats a big worry for me. The 3 qt has about the same dimensions as my dutch oven although thats starting to feel like more capacity than I need.

Any thoughts?

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I'd get a tea kettle. Honestly, pouring that much boiling water from an open pan is a recipe for accidents. I'm not one for single-use items in the kitchen, but I keep the tea kettle out (mine isn't so pretty, just a Revereware) but I also use it for adding a little water to something I'm cooking.

Here is a link that might be useful: All Clad tea kettle

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Why not get an electric kettle? I could never live without one. They are cheap, safe (they shut off automatically), very energy efficient, and boil water faster than any other method.

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The electric ones all have plastic parts and are made in China. And no I don't want a glass one or any of the ones I've seen. I use a ladle to put the water in the Chemex coffe maker.

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What exactly is wrong with products made in China? Electric kettles are a prime example of the kind of stuff they do so very well - cheap low-tech small electricals. BTW, mine is a stainless steel Black&Decker - no plastics in contact with water.

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