to arch or not to arch, that is the question

ellenandcoOctober 5, 2012

Well, we have the elevations and floor plans all but finalized, and my SIL has been going over them with her architect-in-training eyes. I am so grateful for this! She suggested we need to remain consistent in whether we use corners or arches.

I like both the arch look and clean lines look, but the geometry of 90 degree corners seems more timeless/less trendy to me. Also I've been reading about the cost of those round windows and the extra work to get them installed properly and it sends me back to good old rectangles and squares!

So here's my question, inspired by my SIL's insightful eye: I'd like to loose all the arches (exterior and interior) and opt for consistent straight finished edges. The home is loosely acadian style, which around here implies steep roof pitch, stone/brick exterior often whitewashed or over mortared, interior brick and/or beams at doorways and other areas for interest, and lots of archways. I guess I am worried that it would throw the interior of the house into the craftsman style in contrast with the exterior.

This would apply at

-windows of gathering room and above garage

-entry to living room from foyer,

-entry to kitchen from gallery (can't we just call it a hallway?)

-dining room "walls" (3 columns and finished area at top between columns...I'm so well versed in this, can't you tell!)

please note, the angle of the house makes the elevations hard to read in 2D. I'll post them next.

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elevations 1

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upstairs floor plan

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IMO, the house has more than enough going on and doesn't need the extra cost and aesthetics of arched windows. You can safely stay with rectangular openings if you wish.

I'm wondering why there is floor area devoted to seperate laundry and mud rooms. At least combining them would make a larger, single space. Just a thought.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I don't think you have to be stiff about arch or no arch. Our house includes both and I'm very happy with them....the arches are added with intention, so I think it works.

arch tops on the upper level and the big window and the front door and the garages.

arch top on windows in dining and where else on the back.

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Thanks for the photos, Annie! virgilcarter, it's just my personal preference to be able to close off the laundry room. I don't want 4 kids worth of debris mixed up with my wash. I only wash and dry in there and then haul it off to a couch where I can sort/fold/and watch tv;)

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I agree that your elevations have plenty going on without the arched windows.

On a different note, have you considered possibly adding a second washer/dryer upstairs? It's just and idea but, IMHO when kids get to be teenagers, they should start doing their own laundry and I suspect they'll be more likely to do so if their washer/dryer are convenient to their rooms.

Can't tell quite how wide the closets next to the game room are but it seems like one of them might make a perfect spot for "laundry closet." You might need make to the closets a tiny bit deeper but it looks like your game room is plenty big enough that you'd never miss a few inches. Then, instead of dividing the available closet space into two equal sized closets, make the one nearest the game room stairs wide enough to hold a washer and dry and put two 36" wide bi-fold doors on it. I'm thinking something like this...

Anyway, as I said... just an idea.

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bevangel, that's an intriguing idea.

We met yesterday evening and changed all the arches, interior and exterior, to rectangles. When that was done, it seemed just RIGHT. Just more my style. We also changed the staircase to open railing on the game room side to make it less of a long dark tunnel and more open, especially to my ears in the kitchen when older kids are upstairs!

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You definitely don' have to stick to one type. I will have arched opening and square ones. similar to this pic.

Traditional Hall design by Los Angeles Interior Designer Elizabeth Dinkel

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