Microwave Drawer

chris82November 27, 2012

I am debating on the 30" Sharp 1.0 Cu vs the 30" 1.2 cu.microwave drawer

Is it worth the extra few hundred dollars to go with the larger unit.

Can you fit a baby bottle in either unit?

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I have the 1.2 cu ft 24" unit. Same size cavity as the 30" unit.

Maximum height for dishware is 9"

Most full-size baby bottles are 7"-8.5".

So yes it fits unless you have some wierdly tall bottles.

Then it would fit but only on side.

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I have the same unit as Deeageaux. Everything I put in my old MW fits in my drawer. I've never heard of anyone warming a baby bottle directly in the MW. Usually you warm water in the MW then put the bottle in the warm water.

I also really like the auto door on the larger unit. The smaller ones only have manual opening.

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