copper saute --one long handle or two loops?

saydeOctober 14, 2010

I have been thinking about buying a 3 Qt Falk copper saute pan or maybe the sauteuse. They both come with a choice of the classic long handle, or two loop handles. They each weigh 6 pounds. I'm thinking the two loops might be better -- easier to lift, can go in oven and won't hang as low on my pot rack. But I must be missing something here -- it seems most pots and pans are sold with the long handle. What will I be giving up if I don't get the long handle?

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beachlily z9a

I gave away my Cuisinart collection when I got induction--couldn't use the Cuisinart. The pans I missed the most were those with two loop handles. Absolutely loved them!! Much easier to control when they were full. Yesterday I purchased two 3 qt All Clad pans that had loop handles and I'm in heaven!

Get whatever is most comfortable for you.

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Another fan here of loop handles. At least, two handles per pot. It can be a long one and a helper, but one handle alone on a pot that size is unwieldy for me.

Love the cast iron pan I picked up in a thrift that just has the loop handles.

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beachlily z9a

Why aren't loop handles more common? They make sense!!

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I'd get the two loop handles, or a long handle with a helper loop handle. Looks like the Falk saute pan has a helper handle if 4.5 qt, but not if 3.0 qt.

I have mostly 2.5mm copper pots. They are heavy. The ones with a single long handle really would benefit from a helper handle. The saucepots with two loop handles are easier to lift, move, and pour from. The loop handles do get hot, the single long handles get hot too but a little slower. Brass handles will get hot more quickly than iron ones.

Whatever you get, find some Twinkle, a copper polishing paste sold at Sur La Table and some hardware stores. About $4/can. The oxidiation and discoloration that heat produces on the copper will wipe right off with Twinkle. It becomes a routine part of washing the pot. That's assuming you want to maintain the shiny finish.

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Well, the long handle allows you to work the pot while it's on the stove, you know, tilt it or shake it etc. I would almost always get a long handle for such a pot - especially the 3 qt. size. That is what sauteing is all about. Also the loop handles are extremely a pain if you want to take if off the heat fast.

If for some reason you are thinking of putting it in the oven,where a long handle would be a detriment, then why not get a cast iron french oven (porcelain)- but those are usually 4 qt or larger.

I like the 2.5 mm Falk, and the 2.5 mm Matfer Bourgeat, but if you want something lighter that still has the curved pouring lip, consider Mauviel (the Cuprinox "Style" that is only 2.0 mm and has stainless handles).

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I recently ordered a Falk gratin pan. It came in three sizes and each has the loop handle. The larger of the three pans which I preferred was 19.5 inches from loop to loop and I was concerned that it would not fit properly in my oven. I ordered the mid-size instead. I would definitely take loops over the long handles any day as they go from stove to oven with greater ease and as someone said, the weight distribution is better. If anyone has the Falk stew pot, I would like to hear about your experiences with it as well as any other Falk product.

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