urgent - need a 30" gas range recommendation

knitsafghansNovember 4, 2012

Due to Sandy we are in urgent need of a recommendation for a 30" gas range. I don't believe we have the electric service to support an electric over - so it will need to be gas/gas.

Want stainless steel. Price is relatively less important. It is next to refrig (yes we need to remodel) so "normal" cooking burners on right are better.




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Kim, just go to ajmadison.com online web site for cooking-->range-->gas. and pick your choice (30") on the left hand side. Only you know how many btu's you'd like each burner to go to and overall burner total as you know your venting capacity for the range. Select a price range or by maker and then you can see which accommodate "normal cooking burners on right". When you've selected a few, read their "spec" sheet. Pay close attention to the size of the gas line, and check what you house main gas line size is, how many appliances come off of it and ease of T-ing up to the kitchen. Always check your local and state codes for new installation mandates of gas ranges, whether make up air (MUA) is required and at what ventilation cfm (many in the north use a cut off of 400 cfm vent hood before MUA is mandatory). Venting the gas range properly per code can be almost expensive as the gas range itself. Good luck.

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Thank you. We also visited a store today (limited number open with stock). We weren't impressed with LG. Electrolux WaveTouch, maybe GE Cafe, Bosch. We are swapping out an old Tappan. We have a microwave over the existing range which has a fan which in theory pulls exhaust from stove through a vent to the outside, but it is a long run and I'm not at all convinced it does much.

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Let me suggest a couple of possible choices that may work for the short term while still being re-usable when you do your kitchen remodel.

First, that OTR microwave. I do not know what you mean by having a "long run" of venting, but older OTR units tended to have pretty wimpy fans. There are numbers of more capable units including a model by LG that has a 400 cfm fan as well as a panel that slides forward over the front of the stove to catch more of the heat and steam from pots on the front burners. Several folks here at GW have posted on using this unit with some suceesss (Nunyabiz and Luv2putt being two names that come to mind.)

Second, when you have chosen a new stove, it seems you have a concern about heat from the stovetop going against the adjoining fridge. Something I might try as an interim solution that might help deflect cooktop heat would be fixing a sheet of frosted tempered glass to the side of the fridge. Give a glass shop the dimensions between your stovetop and the OTR-MW for height and the side of the fridge (for width). It will probably cost around $50 to $70. (I'm basing this on my recent cost for making a tempered glass backsplash behind my stove up to my range hood). You want the frosted side against the fridge. You could use silicon kitchen caulk for mounting it to the fridge. That should hold it until you can do whatever remodeling you eventually plan. It also eases some concerns about trying to get a gas stove with weak burners on the right side. (If you have a bit of space between your MW and the fridge, you might even be able to just slide in a framed, tempered glass shower door.)

Third, it might help if you could be more specific about what did not impress when you looked at the LG, ELectrolux, GE Cafe and Bosch. Was it that you did not care for the stainless steel finishes r styling? Or that, maybe, the stoves have a lot of electronics and that is something you want to avoid? Something else?

Spelling out your preferences will help us give you advice on stoves you might consider.

For example, maybe you want something with a more "pro-style" look than you get with the stoves you mentioned, and, at the same time, you want something with minimal electronics, like your old Tappan. In that case, I might suggest that you look at the 30" NXR all gas stove. It has a design and stainless steel finish with a more industrial look than you get from GE, LG etc. While it has 15k btu-hr. burners, you do not have to run the right side burners at full blast. They run very well lower heat levels. (Some people claim to be able to melt chocolate on paper plates without burning the plate, though it is beyond me why you would want to do that.) It has a convection oven and an infra-red broiler. It has a very simple design so no problem running the stove-top during power outages. (BTW, there is practically nothing in the way of modern gas stoves whose ovens can be run without electrical power, though. The few that are available with that capability do not seem to be very highly thought of according to postings here at GW.) The NXR is carried by several major east-coast retailers from Phildelphia to Boston (including AJ Madison which was mentioned by SparklingWater) so you might be able to go look at one. The price is usually around $2k, so right in there with the stoves you were mentioning (and about $500 less than the GE Cafe.)

Now, without knowing more about what you like and dislike, my recommendations might be helpful or completely useless to you.

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Actually - we liked the Electrolux WaveTouch 30" and may go with it. We didn't like the LG because the touch screen and knobs seemed quite cheap and flimsy - showing wear in the showroom even. Even the racks seemed flimsier than our existing model. We don't care about electronics one way or the other. They can be fun but they are something to break. But if you have them - they should be well done. We aren't replacing the microwave right now - and thanks for the partition selection. We were advised not to put anything so close to the oven - there isn't much space in between oven and fridge - but maybe. What do you think of Electrolux? It has good and bad reviews - but so do almost all! The 2-3k price range is where we're comfortable.

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I have no first hand knowledge of any Electrolux wavetouch appliances except the slide-in induction range.

You can probably get more specific feedback on the gas stove by starting a new post with the words "wavetouch" in the title and maybe include the model number of the stove.

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ok - thanks - specifically I do need to know whether it is possible to use the stove in a power failure. unlike many other models it has a warning to turn stove off. oven I understand - but I want burner access.

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Well, if the manual does not give instructions on how to manually light a burner, then it is very probably one of the stoves where everything is run thought the controller board and that means no lighting the burners during the power outage. There's a current thread on this which is about Maytag double oven stoves and I think I recall seeing one specifically about Electrolux stoves from back in August or September. Try a search and see what turns up.

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One of the reasons I love our NXR gas stove when the electricity is out due to storms hurricanes etc we can still cook just fine.

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I believe NXR is manual clean. That's a non-starter for me.

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