HAVE: Ohio rules!!!!!

jimtexNovember 22, 2006

Well, I decided to leave work early and came home to take my wife out for some lunch. When we got back there was a package on the front porch. It was from Alison (you had me bumfuzzled for a while Alison trying to figure out who

Al was, lol) who sent some very nice things. My wife and I did our swap thing where I open and pass each thing to her and she gives it back exept this time she kept something and said it was hers. Alison enclosed a very nice letter to take me through each item from homemade to local to cookbook. I'll start with the cookbook which was produced by the people she works with. It has recipe after recipe I can cook except the elephant soup, I can't cook that. The first I'm going to try this weekend is the bbq bacon wrapped shimp which is the first recipe in the book. Forgive me if I butcher the pics.

Second was local. Some buckeye chocolate and peanut butter candies which are delicious and in a cool package and some Cincinatti chili which Alison was kind of tentative about because of the reputation Texas has for chili. I'll let you guys that aren't from Texas in on a little secret. I, and many others I suspect, are fine with the old standy when fall hits here but after that it's no holds barred with taste experiments so this one will be enjoyed and hopefully expanded on. Alison also included a jar of Krema Natural crunchy peanut butter. I love this one. The ingredient lable has one word: Peanuts. This is the one my wife grabbed. I may have to arm wrestle her for some.

Now for the third category, homemade. Alison sent a set of blackberry jam, peach butter and spiced apple butter and my urge to make bisquits has never been greater!! I'm sitting here typing while looking at something someone made in Ohio and thats a very cool thing for me and we will enjoy every bit of it. I love the homemade things.

Thank you Alison for a great taste and feel of Ohio. My wife and I treasure each and every item


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James, I knew that Alison's gift would be worth waiting for. I like the title of the cookbook and how special that all the recipes are from friends of Alisons.

I think that since Jeanne has contributed to many of the swaps that it is only fair that you let her have the jar of peanut butter.

Well done Alison.


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What a great box!
I suddenly have a craving for PB&J!

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I'm a Texan through and through but I do love Cincinnati Chili. It's a totally different thing from Texas Chili so it's like comparing apples and oranges. I'm sure you'll love it James. Great swap package!

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I am really loving the hand made parts of this swap. Enjoy all your goodies Jim, funny I was just eyeing up the same recipe with shrimp at our liquor store yesterday. Tell us how it is.


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Having lived in Ohio, I can totally understand why Alison sent the Cinci Chili! I'm sure that the cookbook has very good recipes and...ya... just gotta love Buckeyes!

Good job Alison!


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Hey Jim, I've never seen or tasted a Buckeye, do you think you have a recipe in the book to post? Nice package Allison, it looks like it's a hit!

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Buckeyes are addictively good and the jam and butters look and sound wonderful. Enjoy Jim!

Very nice selections, Allison.

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Elephant soup? Egad! I wouldn't cook that either! I think the cookbook is great, though, having been compiled by people Alison works with! That's a "one of a kind." Buckeyes? They wouldn't have lasted long enough to make it to the picture taking stage if I had received those! LOL! My favorite candies!! The homemade goodies sound yummy! I'd especially love to try the spiced apple butter. Oh, and being a former Cincinnati resident...Cincy chili rules! Enjoy!

Alison...great job!!

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Great job Allison for a great guy! I love cookbooks like that, everyont puts their best recipes forward and they usually are quite doable!

Of course what's not to love about home made jams and butters, that and the peanut butter will make for some mighty fine breakfasts!

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Great package, Alison! I love that personalized cookbook! Tim loves that Krema peanut butter, too. That's the only kind I buy.

James, make sure to tell us how good the shrimp turn out!


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James, that is a very nice package. Good job Aliison.

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I want to know more about this "elephant" soup???

Sounds like a wonderful swap package. You gotta love any cookbook with a recipe for elephant!

Enjoy the goodies...


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Awesome package! Those jams and preserves are calling my name! And I love the cookbook idea! Hope you enjoy all your goodies.

Jim, I too, am awed by the gifts that come from someone from another part of the country (or another country!), and the work that went into them for us to enjoy.


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James, you're a better person than I for giving up that peanut butter. I would have put up quite the fight - spouse or not! LOL

I know Alison always packs a very thoughtful and tasty package. Enjoy it.

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Nice! I love all the food items and want to know what makes Cincinnati chili, Cincinnati chili. I'll bet you'll find some great things to try in that cookbook. I'm a little biscuit challenged too so I hope you'll post a picture when biscuits and jam are on the menu. Do you and Jeanne cook together?


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I wouldn't have given up the peanut butter, James, I hope Jeanne shares! Great package, Alison! Enjoy, James, looking forward to hearing about some of the recipes!

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Great package Alison!

James it was very nice of you to share with your wife. Of course it could have gotten ugly if you didn't:-) I don't know anything about the chili either can someone explain?


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Back when I was a child living in the Cincy area...there were very few McD's and other fast food joints. The big thing was Skyline Chili. That's where *everybody* went. It's an *institution.* Cincy chili= no beans! No chopped onions! It does have chocolate and cinnamon. I'll see if I can find a recipe and post it on the Discussions side. Then maybe people can post Texas chili recipes!

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Jim -- When I was handing the box over to the postal worker it suddenly occurred to me -- what if he has peanut allergies? That shoots half the box!

I'm so glad you like the items! I tried to think of some food for Cleveland -- which is a truely great city for food -- but I couldn't think of anything that would ship well. (Serbian sausage anyone?)

Cincinnati chili was originally created by Macedonian immigrants, so the spices are very different from Texas chili and include cinnamon, chocolate or cocoa, allspice, and Worcestershire. It's also a lot thinner, because it's not served in a bowl by itself, but over spaghetti. Folks order by the number: two-way (the bare minimum) is chili and spaghetti; three-way is topped with fluffy mounds of finely shredded cheddar (think microplane fine); four-way slips chopped onions in under the cheese; five-way slips cooked kidney beans in with the onions. (I'm a 5-way girl, myself!)

Enjoy the butters and jam -- so glad I could send a little of the buckeye state your way!

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Great description and pics, Jim. Great homemade goodies from Alison. The cookbook looks like a treasure. Enjoy!

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I think it's perfect that Jeanne got the peanut butter, because James got the jelly, it'll take both of them to make the perfect PB&J!

What's not to like about buckeyes and the book looks great. I wonder if you could just substitute something more readily available for the elephant, like say, hippopotamus?


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nice stuff there James - I know you'll enjoy it all!

Allison, you picked some wonderful items - the cookbook sounds great!!


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Sounds and looks like a great gift!
Do post the elephant recipe.....I'll watch the market for a sale (grin).
I see negotiations in your future for PB&J's.

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I was unaware that Cincinnati chili was available in cans - I've never seen it (or been anywhere closer to Cincinnati than New York). I agree that it is a completely different dish from Texas chili and I'm sure it will be wonderful to try.

The cookbook also looks very interesting - and different.

It looks like you have plenty of treats to try!


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That looks like a cute cookbook, and I bet it has lots of great recipes...except maybe for the elephant one. ;-) Cincinnati chile sounds quite interesting. When I was growing up, Dad used to make chile, and sometimes we'd put it over spaghetti. It's a great way to eat chile, whether it's Texas chile or Cincinnati. The homemade items look very good, too. Great package, Alison.


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