Opinions on 14' Fry Pan

lighttOctober 23, 2005

I'm seriously considering purchasing an All-Clad 14" fry pan to replace the 12" no-name one I've been swearing at for years but I wonder if my eyes are bigger than my needs...

Do any of you have experience with a 14" fry pan? If so, do you use it and are you glad you have it?


Terry Light

Oak Hill, Virginia

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Subject should have been 14 inch!!

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Fourteen feet is a bit large!

I find that 12" is more than adequate for most cooking. For anything larger, I use my big saute pan with side handles. I like the straight sides, it keeps the food contained better while I'm cooking. It's actually bigger than a similar sized frying pay. The handles on my fry pans also take up a lot of room.

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Yes and no and no! LOL!
I have one....it's HUGE!....So big in fact that even though it's Calphalon....or perhaps a Calphalon wanna be the outside edges don't stay hot enough for real frying.
But if I want to cook a huge amount of something that needs a lid and slow cooking in a wide shallow pan....I have it.
About the only thing I use it for is making bread stuffing....I sautee the veggies in that big pan and then add the bread, broth and seasonings.....it holds enough for a 20 pound turkey!!
Linda C

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For some quirky reason you can't key " in the title, so you have to write out inch. I noticed that months ago on the Kitchen forum.

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The bottom surface of a 12" frypan is only 9"-10". Not very big really for four chops or chickens breasts when you also have veggies and other ingredients. If you crowd the pan the meat will steam which isn't very good. I'm only one person and bought the 14" All-Clad frypan. I like to make a larger batch and then freeze. I didn't see the point of getting a 12" when I already had the 3 qt. saute which has a larger bottom area than the 12" fry. I also have a 12" LC cast iron frypan, so for me the 14" was an easy choice. It's a great pan and also useful for searing and then finishing in the oven, and for roasting.

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I also like the 14" pan when making more than two grilled cheese sandwiches! I also use it for making 4 pork chops at a time, etc. Although I may not use it often, boy am I glad I have it when I need it!

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Personally, I use a smaller pan. For the things folks here listed that need more room, I use a double burner Calphalon griddle. Works great and you get two heat sources.

Hope this helps,


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On a hunch I tested the following and it works. If you enter " in the subject line, it will display as ' when your post is submitted. However, if you type "", the result will be " in the subject display.

If you're not content to let a sleeping dog lie now that you've been empowered with this secret geek lore (please don't divulge the source to Mr. Fitzgerald), note what happens to the original "" in the subject line as you preview your post and its revisions.

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Nope, that's not a typo in the subject!

Here is a link that might be useful: 69 Foot Fry Pan

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A follow up....

I went ahead and bought this pan last year and I must say, (after using it for a year) it's one of the most used purchases I've ever made.

If you think you might use/need it -- go for it!! My wife and I both pull it out for almost everything. Only wish they sold a lid with it....

Terry Light
Oak Hill, Virginia

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"Only wish they sold a lid with it...."

You can buy a 14" lid at a restaurant supply shop. We use the 12" version of this one with our 12" Farberware pan.

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Are all-clad non-stick pans durable? I've been using 12" frying pans from Gordon Food Service, which are quite nice and heavy, but only last about a year. I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get an all-clad pan. I love my set of all-clad pans, inclulding the traditional frying pan that came with it.

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I bought both the Cuisinart 14" frying pan & 14" "chef's" pan for less than 50$ each (plus the Cuisinart's handles don't pinch me like the All Clad's do). The lid from the chef's pan fits the frying pan perfectly. Love them both. They are big, but oh so handy when you need more space than the 12" pan will give you. I have both pans & their communal lid stored in the tray dividers over the fridge...a snap to grab when I need them.


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I love, love love my 14.5" all-clad frying pan. I seen this post when I was looking for a lid for it. I use this pan more than any other. You can cook everything more evenly because of the generous room. Even gravy does better because there is more cooking area to brown all the flour at one time instead of having to stir it constantly to get the uncooked four to an open hot spot. I have an induction stove so I do not have any problem with keeping it uniformly hot. I didn't think I would like this pan when I first got it but I would never want to give it up. Only down side it's hard to fit it into the sink to wash, but I've learned how to make it work now, but still a challenge. Definitely a buy.

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Picked up the 13" AC french skillet on clearance for 72 bucks at SLT a few weeks ago -- terrific pan. Also have the 12" fry pan from their MC2 line and a pan that WS calls a saute/simmer pan (4 quarts, deepish saute pan with curved sides and a flat lid -- 9" flat on the bottom and maybe 12 or so on top). All good.

3 kids and we also like to have people over -- it can be really handy to have some larger pans.

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