Need a Roaster for Turkey & Gravy

sweetbeanOctober 25, 2005

I've never owned one so I'm not sure if all the roasters will go from oven to stovetop.

I will be roasting turkeys anywhere from 15 - 20 lbs.

Can you recommend something under $100 that will work well? I want it to last.

I found this one on a restaurant supply site. Any opinions? It doesn't say it works stovetop.

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That one looks quite nice, but I've never roasted a turkey with the lid on. Do you need a lid? I just roast in an open pan on a rack. If you could do that, you could find a roasting pan for even less.

I don't know about cooking on top of the stove with it. You wouldn't want to ruin a nice pan. I'm sure someone else here will know the answer to that. I also question whether you could really get a 25 lb. turkey in that pan.

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Thanks for the reply. No, I don't need a lid but that pan looked sturdy and the price is right. The lid might come in handy for other uses, though.

Cooking it on the stove is essential -- I don't want to lose any juice or crispy bits when I make my gravy!

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I know what you mean about making gravy in the roasting pan. I hope someone else here will know about putting the roaster on the stove. I've seen my mother in law do it, but cannot remember the pan type. I think I have done it with my black enamel-type roasting pan. Good luck.

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I've been wondering about a new roasting pan too. I now have a convection oven and it seems that I need a shallower roasting pan with a rack to use convection. My old one is deep with a cover. A lot of the new ones I've seen are shallow with V shaped rack and no cover.

I assume you just cover somewhat tightly with foil to prevent over browning if you don't have a cover? You can't just "tent" the foil since the convection fan blows it off.

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no no no no~~
Shiny stainless steel is about the worst choice for a roaster!
Something dark works so much better. My favorite roaster for using with a lid ( and I use a roaster for other things besides turkeys!) is an old dark blue enameled one that belonged to my grandmother....the brand name is "Savory" and they are still being sold on ebay and other places.
I also have a roasting pan very similar to the one in the link below. It holds a really big bird....doesn't have a cover...but if it's browning too fast I can tent it with foil. And that dark pan makes nice crispy bits for gravy and goes very well over 2 burners.
It has been said that if you cook your turkey with a lid, you are steaming it not roasting.
Shiny stainless is not only a poor conductor of heat....but hard to keep looking like that. If you want a roaster to use to make wonderful roast turkey, buy a dark one.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: roaster

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I've cooked with any metal pan on the stovetop. The very thin cheap pan can warp with high heat but the food tastes good. If you're making gravy you won't be using a high heat anyway. When I roast in a non-metal pan I'm still able to make gravy. After leting the roast stand for a bit I'm able to add whatever liquid I'm using and then loosen & scrap the bits up. I then transfer to the cooking pan and have the gravy done by the time the roast is ready to slice.

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Thanks for the tip on the Savory pans, Linda. I might go with one of those.

I have no intention of roasting my turkey with a lid, but it's nice to have the lid for other uses.

Do you use a rack inside the pan when you roast the turkey? If so, will a standard size work?

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My pan came with a rack....I don't use a rack with the Savory roaster....and when I use it for a turkey, I use a lid. Old fashioned way...the Savory roaster is constructed in a way to be self basting and the bird comes out nice and brown and moist and all the juice for the gravy is in the pan....
But it doesn't quite have that open pan taste....but!!...It's a damn good turkey!
The Savory roasters won't hold more than a 17 or so pound bird....even the biggest size roaster....
But I use it for pre cooking ribs and without the lid, for caramel corn!
They came in 3 sizes....this is the biggest.
Lidna C

Here is a link that might be useful: savory roaster

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There's one like the Savory on the kitchen website where you found the stainless steel one. Go to the link below and just scroll down a bit. Not sure if it would be your size.

I think a turkey cooked with a lid would taste steamed, but Linda you know a lot more than I do, and if you say your turkey is good, I believe it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Roaster

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A turkey cooks faster with a lid.
Depending on "circumstances" I sometimes cook a holiday bird in the old Savory with a lid. My kids yell and complain..."Mom! You are STEAMING that turkey!! Don't you know the only way to roast is in an open pan!!??"
And every time the bird comes out of the pan.....they say it's wonderful!
There is something about that old Savory roaster. It's very heavy and has sort of a double wall in the bottom half and the top is designed to have any condensation drip back onto the bird. Even with a lid the skin gets crisp .. but I remove the lid for about 40 minutes before it's done....if I haven't lost track of time and cooked it until the legs are falling off.
Nope, doesn't taste steamed....browned and crispy skin....lots of brown bits in the pan.
Wonder how many cook a turkey with a lid?
Linda C

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Great info from you all! I can always count on the knowledgeable folks here at ths! thanks again.

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I cook a turkey in a roaster with a lid, just like my grandma did. The old fashioned enamel roasters are great for turkey! Can't understand all the angst over roasting a turkey: just stick it in the roaster, put on the lid, roast, & it comes out moist & delicious. If I want the turkey a little browner, take off the lid, put the oven on convection roast, & let the bird brown for 10 minutes.

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Today's turkeys are tender and relatively easy to cook. Grandma's were totally different and needed the lid or they'd come out like shoe leather.

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I need a small roaster (for chicken parts) that will go on the burners of an electric stove to make gravy. any help?

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