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justme4nowNovember 11, 2012

I am hoping someone can answer these questions before tuesday.

I am upgrading from verizons DSL to FIOS and as much searching as I have done, I can't seem to find answers to these two questions.

First, I am told that it will take from four to six hours for the workers to install, whatever it is (besides) a battery backup to complete the job?

Does this mean that they are going to have to rewire all of my phone jacks?

Do they have to run FIOS cables to every room (5) that has a phone jack or does FIOS run on the same lines as DSL?

My second question involves my two pc's and the netgear equipment.

I run two pc's .. one from the typical westell modem which is also the one connected to the netgear router.

The second pc uses a usb dongle.

Will I have to replace both of these "G" netgear (802.11g 54mbps) pieces of equipment to run at the higher FIOS speed?

I understand that I will receive a FIOS modem but will that modem replace the westell modem "AND" the router that broadcast the signal to the other pc with the dongle?

Will the dongle that I have (802.11g USB Dongle) run at the higher FIOS speed?

Any help will be Greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah .. Is FIOS REALLY better than DSL?


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Sorry I can't answer your questions since I don't have FIOS, and it probably isn't in my (near) future. But both my daughters went from DSL with Verizon to FIOS, and they found it really is much better and faster. I think it does take some time for the installation, but as to what all that involves, I don't know. It may well be that you will have a modem that is a combination modem/router.

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Some information.

I just had it installed and it did take a while 3 to 4 hours 2 guys. The modem includes the router (Wireless) it's one piece of equipment. They only fussed with 1 Phone jack. I only have 1 phone. FIOS is a coax cable that connects directly to the modem that they install for Internet, in my apartment they used existing coax so they did not need to run cable in-side, just from the pole to the basement where the FIOS Box is installed on the wall. So the FIOS Modem that they install will include a wireless signal already secured. Your wep key is printed on the modem / router. They will also provide documentation and a cd for you, at least they did for me. My Download speed is 39MB Per/sec. Way better then DSL.

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Now I am seeing that my pc has to be hooked up to cable?

I have comcast cable in my rooms but is that where the fios will come from?

I am now officially confused!

I, for now am keeping comcast and am only getting internet and phone from verizon fios.

Is that going to be an install for a separate cable for verizon?

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I've read about Verizon's FIOS service but have no personal experience with it.

The combo modem/router boxes I've heard about from friends (for DSL or cable internet) were all junk as far as the router part was concerned. I've always avoided using them by having separate modem and router hardware. I think external routers can be easily configured with most combo boxes but I have no specific knowledge of Verizon's hardware.

If you're happy with your current router and it's not too old, ask the installers if the preceding is possible and if they can do it for you.

USB Wifi dongles have historically been slow pokes. I myself get faster speeds with my wired LAN connections than with wireless, and that is with using built in Wifi in PCs and other hardware that should be pretty quick.

I hope you have a great experience with your new service.

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I just had Fios installed and they used the old cable connections in the walls. Luckily the house had cable installed in most of the rooms. The rooms without cable connections would have cost me $125.00 per outlet to install. I opted to not have it done.

They did not use the phone jacks, only cable connections.

We have 5 computers running from their router with no problems at all. Two of the computers are at the other end of the house and connect quickly.

We had Fios before in NY. Never had a problem with it. We always had the triple play, phone, internet, tv.

We had Comcast prior to Fios and it was a headache. Connection was slow, router was constanly having to be rebooted, etc. Customer service stinks with both companies.

Fios is more reliable, works easily and internet is fast. I feel the price is ridiculous but don't have any other options. Comcast was about the same price.


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Thanks Jane

It looks like I am going to have to have a separate cable run for the pc connection.

I am getting so many different stories on how it works that I am more confused than ever.

I am told that FIOS internet only needs the phone line to hook to the modem and no cable is needed unless I want the TV too.

They say that the FIOS runs up to the home and the rest depends on in-house wiring and no cable.

I have comcast cable and that is staying for now.

Others tell me that I need cable in the home .. separate from comcast to hook into the verizon modem.

I am either not explaining the question correctly or .. I am going to be out lots of money for a separate cable connection! 8(

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Understand that FIOS only affects the wiring to the premises, once inside it uses traditional methods (copper pairs for telephones and COAX for television). Your existing telephone jacks will work as before and Verizon will hook up your televisions. For computer networking, you'll get a router with four Ethernet ports and wireless (WiFi 802.11 b/g and n [depending on the router]). Your choices are to run the appropriate cable from the router to your computers or use wireless. For the wireless once FIOS is up and running you would need to change the network settings to the new SSID and password. There should be no need for any hardware changes.

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Thank You mike

I am now pretty sure that I wont have to put out the extra cash for a separate cable.

As I said, I already have comcast cable and I am only upgrading the internet and phone to fios.

The tv may come later and when it does, I'm guessing that verizon will use that inside cable for what's needed.

Again, Thank You! 8)

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I think that I have it worked out.
The fiber optic will run to the outside of the house.
From there it is converted to digital.
I will not have to change anything as far as the pc goes.

The fios internet and phone will still use the same phone lines.

It is only the fios TV that uses the cable and I am not getting that.
Capeesh ?

8) Bet you guys are sick of this thread poping back up to the top! 8)

I'll try to make this the last one .. "Unless" I am all wrong!?

Thanks Everyone!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I loved Verizon fios I was one of the original test houses for the first installs of fios, this was at my previous home. I never had any problems or down time. There will be a battery backup system in your garage or somewhere. When power goes out the battery backup will keep the phone and Internet up for a period of time. It does regular self tests, when you need a new battery that is your responsibility.
They provided a specific modem / router that the tech set up while doing the install. I don't know if this has changed.
I would have gone with fios here but it is not available.
I would say stop worrying about it the install goes pretty quickly and the tech will help you if you need it just ask them.

It was an amazing experience being one of the original test houses.
One day suddenly my Internet was down, I had a direct phone number to call if there were any problems. I called and with in about 20 minutes I had 4 trucks and a car of suits. It turned out an installer had accidentally disconnected me from the box down the street when he was hooking up some other person. It was quite an experience.

I never had the tv just phone and Internet.
Good luck!

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well ... IT'S DONE!!!

The tech spent about 5 hours at it and did a great job!

He ran coaxial for the battery backup and pc modem into places that I thought were impossible!
(yes, you need coaxial. Lots of folks were confused about that .. including me.)

He had one problem which he couldn't fix though.

The pc will not connect to the internet .. unless I use the adapter which is strange.

The pc is connected to the modem but without using the usb adapter .. the pc wont connect!?

He (tech) told me that something within the pc is not picking up the signal??

I don't understand that because it shows that there are connections available and shows the modem but the tech couldn't get the connection to work?

So now, I have to use the adapter on this pc and purchase another one for my better half's pc!

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I don't have it but friends do and like it. Only thing is one friends battery wore out and is dead so you have to buy a new one on your own. Think she said it costs her $100 or so for the new battery. I have no clue how old the battery was but probably 5yrs or so, can't remember when we got fios around here but they most likely got it when it was first available.

The people I know all have wireless devices they use with it too and have no problems with the router or modem as far as I know as I connect in with my stuff when I am over there and it works fine.

The phone part there is a nice message board for landline help in case you need it. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: Verizon landline forum

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Thank you Mary!
Saving in favorites.


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