cynandjonOctober 18, 2007

How did your griddle turn out?

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You'd do a lot better by responding to the original thread posted by the person you want to contact. She will get an email notice of your response to her thread (if she checked the box). But by starting a new thread, you may never hear from her if she doesn't happen to come back here and happen to see your new thread.

On some of the forums, this can be a really sticky subject, because there are so very many threads, and every new one pushes an old (sometimes only weeks old) thread off the back page. It doesn't matter much here, where there is not much traffic, but it is still a poor way to get a response from someone you wish to reach.

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well she wouldnt necessarily get an email, not everyone chooses that option.(I Didnt) I waited a few days to see if she came back and posted something to me before posting this.
I didnt know it was breaking a rule to ask someone a question since It really doesnt seem like this board moves all that fast.

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It's not breaking any rule, but it is the best way to do things on these forums, in general.

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