Bunt pan ( Cleaning )

olgaflowersOctober 23, 2007


I have been wanting to post this Question for a while.

Now since it's getting a bit cold here I will be baking more ! I have a Bunt pan shape like a Rose and I have trouble cleaning it ! I can't quiet clean the inbetween areas so called cracks/ crevices. Does anyone know a easy

way to clean it with out scratching it.

Thank's Olgaflowers,

p.s. It's a good brand

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Use a soft toothbrush.

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Im not sure if it will work in the crevices but an old CD as a scraper will clean nonstick cookware with out scratching.
Other wise I would suggest putting boiling water into it covering with foil until the burnt on comes off.(covering with foil to hold the heat) If that doesnt work I would use the same method and bake it.
soaking with boiling water usually removes anything.

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Thank's for the Suggestions !!
Will soak in hot boiling water ! then perhaps if needed
use a soft brush ! That should do it !

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Before putting the batter into it, I normally coated the surface with Pam spray. It makes it easy to get the cake out and cleaning it. Soaking in warm soapy water too makes it a sinch to clean.

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