Thanks Doris (RuddMD)!

cindy_5nyNovember 26, 2005

I received a nice surprise from Doris this week....for helping her as a "decoy" in the last swap.

She sent a few more dishes to add to my hobnail collection and some great North Carolina treats - Carolina Cupboard Roasted Peanuts and Pecan Pralines! I'd post a pic, but it would be of the empty wrappers :)

Doris, I feel like I didn't do much to deserve this....but thank you so much, it is very much appreciated!


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Yes, I remember the swap decoy trick! Very clever!

That's "sweet" of you Doris!

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You're welcome Cindy! I appreciated the help. I also owe HanArt a big "thank you" too.

Just when she least expects it. . . . . :D

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Oh, no you don't!!! You sent more money than I needed to play the little decoy game. Don't you dare send me something else!

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Well she did. And it was a surprise. Perfect way to end the hurricane season.

We were getting ready to go to dinner last night with a visiting SIL and great-niece when the UPS man knocked ... so everyone got to enjoy the surprise.

Doris sent a bottle of RayLen wine from a local vineyard. I thought the graphic on the label resembled a hurricane eye, but didn't 'get' the Category 5 until I read the back label.

I told her Mike & I have opted out of an extended family invite for Christmas and we're planning our own little celebration, so this will be our dinner wine.

Like Cindy said, my little role in the decoy game didn't deserve this either, but it's definitely a special treat and I thank you!

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Cindy, I just found this. That's perfect, a "category 5" wine. (snicker)


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