Installing Granite Pavers Over Concrete For a Driveway

mike-wbOctober 22, 2012

I live in Pa. and have just completed building a new home.The final step is the driveway. We have decided on Granite pavers on the first third of the driveway and blacktop on the remaining. The Paving contractor wants to pour a new concrete slab to use as a base for the pavers. The pavers would be held in place with concrete curbing on all sides including between the pavers and the blacktop. Everything I have read about the subject deals with putting pavers over exhisting concrete to save time/money on not having to take up an old slab not with using concrete from the beginning. Needless to say I am concerned about drainage and freezing/thawing. I am not sure if his plan was to lay the pavers on a sand/stone base on top of the new slab or to set them in place with mortar. Are either of these methods ok? When I questioned him about it he assured me that this was the way to do it and I would be happy with the results and that is what he had done on his own driveway years ago, which I have seen many times as he is an old family friend. He has been in the commerial paving business for several decades and his work is highly regarded and I have no reason to believe that he would steer me wrong but I am still concerned about his approach. Any thoughts the community can share would be most appreciated.

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Sounds like it will be beautiful however spendy it may ultimatly be. How thick are the pavers? And you want to drive over this?
We are also in Pa and I would be VERY leary about doing this. I know someone in eastern PA who did one inch thick slate pavers in concrete on their patio which was concrete. They are cracking- been in about five years.
I have another friend who has a paver cobblestone driveway set in sand with a gravel base. This has been in about 15-18 years. Still looks good.
If he's done this before and its held up - have him guarentee yours and go for it. Would be completely intallation technique sensitive.

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