Need a French Door Fridge that has ice maker that works well.

mboston_gwNovember 6, 2013

In Jun 2012, we bought a Samsung French Door 26cf fridge. I love the inside composition and the bottom freezer is awesome but we have had alot of issues with the ice maker. Supposedly, it was a new design, ice maker in fridge - supposed to make 10 lbs of ice in 12 hours. We were told that the ice would look milky because it was made so fast. No problem with that but as others have written in reviews, the ice comes out broken rather than whole cubes, even when whole is selected and there is usually a couple TBSP of water dripped in as well.

So, ok we could deal with that but in late Aug of this year, the ice maker quit working completely. They replaced the ice maker itself and it was ok for a few days. Then we started having issues with the ice being half frozen, water dripping out of the compartment into the inside of the fridge and when you wanted whole cubes, you got slush "icee" type consistency. Water will continue to drip all the time until it runs on the floor. We have had the ice route replaced as well as the freezer fan. Now another ice route and a door is being ordered but no one seems to really know why this is happening.

Samsung is willing to do a buy back if this doesn't fix it. What fridge of similiar style (with deli tray across the entire width, foldable and extendable shelves, 2 produces compartments, and nice bottom freezer with a pull out shelf, would you suggest. Really want the ice maker to work well and dispense cubes and not crushed and of course water as well.

Model I have is RF263BEAESR/AA.

BTW, most people who write reviews on it either love it or hate it cause of the ice maker or the loud noises it makes.

Any replacements suggestions would be appreciated.

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We bought a Kenmore Elite 27.6 cu. ft. FD fridge with Ice and Water Dispenser this past May. It has a Slim In-Door Icemaker, and the ice comes in two options - crushed or cubes. Has all the other options you like - full deli drawer, foldable and extendable shelves, 2 produce compartments, nice bottom freezer with a pull out shelf. Very happy with the performance, we use a lot of ice and water every day.

Item # in Canada - 463 671 052 10.
Mfg. number 71053.

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Bumping up to see if I get more suggestions. BTW, Samsung is going to replace the door first to see if that solves the problem. If not, I still have the buy back option. Not sure exactly what that means at this time.

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Mine has a great and grand ice maker, it's in the freezer drawer.(Jenn Air FD) I do not have an ice dispenser, however. I think where they run afoul is in making the ice dispenser up in the door; if they could fit it into the face of the freezer drawer, I bet there would be no problems, aside from lower back pain from the constant stooping and bending.

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