rangetop 48" vs 36"

YuliaONovember 17, 2013

Now i am debating the size of the range top i should get�.

What made you choose 36" or 48" and are you happy with your decision?

i think If i am getting 48" range top, i would get griddle and grill in the middle, if i get 36" i would only get griddle. So both would give me 4 burners.

Thank you

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Whenever someone ask what size refrigerator or range(top) they should get and budget is not a constraint I say get the biggest that will not overcrowd the room.

Will a 48" rangetop overcrowd your kitchen?

I would post your kitchen plans on the Kitchen Forum and get the ladies there to help you.

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And do you have a plan for conditioned make-up air at the 1500 cfm level to match the hood you will need.


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I did post my plan in the kitchens ovenâ¦

I just wanted to hear other people's reasons for getting 36 or 48â¦.

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Isn't it obvious?

People get 36" instead of 48" because they lack budget or space for 48". A few who have space and budget for 48" get 36" because they are 1-3 pan cooks and they think 36" fits perfectly for their cooking style and they rather devote that space to storage or some other purpose.

People get 48" instead of 36" for cooking space and sometimes because they feel it is needed in their neighborhood for resale purposes.

BTW You only need a MUA plan if you have local MUA building codes. I have a 1400 cfm blower without any MUA. The only time it is too cold in West Los Angeles to open a window is late at night til dawn for about two weeks in the dead of winter. I am not woking or searing steaks at that hour:)

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Thank you!
for me nothing is obvious because i never had a gas range and i never had a normal size kitchenâ¦So i am not sure what i can fit in and what i should fit inâ¦

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Two reasons people choose a 36" over a 48" are the amount of space and the added expense that would be needed for a hood for the 48" rangetop. Your hood for the 48" rangetop will need to be 48-54" wide. In addition to the space and expense, and as already mentioned, a 48" hood will need a lot of cfms, most especially if you will be using a grill.

Do you have the proper ductwork for your hood? Your exhaust duct will need to be 8" diameter or 10" diameter. Even if you opt for the 36" rangetop, your exhaust duct should be 8" diameter. Smaller than that, and you are pushing too much air through too small a space, which will result in increased noise and decreased efficiency through no fault of the hood.

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Looking at the layout in the KF, the room is small and was designed for conventional consumer grade appliances, not larger pro style appliances You will struggle to even get a 36" range into the space. There is NO WAY that you can fit a 48" range top, double ovens, and a 48" fridge. You just don't have the space without completely redoing the kitchen to make it larger. Now, you can probably do a 36" range, a 36" fridge, and maybe a separate speed oven next to the fridge. But, there won't be any real workspace if you go so oversized. It's also claustrophobic feeling.

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