Dormers: Before and After

teach2007October 9, 2007

After many hours of worrying about these dormers, I realized they were not only too far apart, but also too small. I am very happy with the way they turned out. Here are the Before and After pictures...

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Yes, your gut was right! I like the second pic much better. On to the next nerve wracking decision.....right there with ya:-)


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Had you posted an elevation rendering previously? Your house looks like one that I commented on before. One of the comments was that the right dormer was way too close to the valley. The second picture looks good, but those dormers are really boxy...are you planning to add shutters or pilasters to the sides? You have a lot of room to fill there so that they come together. Typically a dormer window will not be as wide/tall as the first floor windows, so really think about what you want it to look like when it's finished. I personally like oversized dormers, but they can become very awkward if not designed well. They appear to be centered around the front that the case? If they are, I'd really play that up with columns at the inside edge of each'll help compensate for the lack of symmetry with the first floor windows.

Good luck! Trust me, you'll have many more crazy days ahead of you! :)

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Oh, yes! Much, much better in the after pic. Your gut feeling was definitely right, but I can see how it was a tough decision to make...Good job.

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I too like the second choice better. Was your concern primarily about the exterior look or about how the dormers worked for the interior of the house, assuming that the dormers provide windows for rooms? Personally, my priority would be what works best for the interior.

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I like the after picture much better. Glad you went with your gut feelings!

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You teach middle school...building this house should be like a trip to Disneyland! ;D

I like the second picture too. Look forward to seeing more progress.

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Thanks for sharing your is a good lesson for us all to stand up for what we really feel is right and best for our homes. I agree with your gut-the second picture is definately the winner!

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