WANTED: Weed...Wow! Wonderful!

momto4kidsNovember 10, 2006


When I saw your name on the box, I couldnÂt believe Ann matched you up with me!! How terrific!

I just love your selections! Very me! Let me jump right inÂ

1. Cookbook  Weed must have been reading my posts about baking! She sent me Peter ReinhartÂs I want to make that big loaf right on the cover thatÂs nearly as big as the girl holding it! Great pictures. Great instruction! I like to have pictures of what something is *supposed* to look like! Love it!!

2. Homemade  Look at this gorgeous It was made by a local artist and is just beautiful! The colors are really rich. Blue, brown, yellow and green. The yellow and green are almost exactly the same colors at the wall of the main rooms on the first floor of our house! Good choice, Weed!!

3. Local  Well, IÂve eaten nearly one bag already. made local where Weed lives!! People  IÂm telling you right now! Every food item that has been sent to me has been so goodÂI can barely let it sit long enough to be photographed! And IÂm the lucky recipient of THREE bags, not just one!! Yay for me!

4. "Cheater Item" Â I got a "cheater item," tooÂbut IÂm scared of it!! Aaaacccckk! So are the kids! The kids are convinced itÂs REAL octopus. Actually, itÂs sour blueberry & lemonÂso, IÂm going to love it!

Here is the

Great job my friend! Great job!!

PS WeedÂRoger the Rubber Chicken even went to see the Cheetah Girls with us!!

[Weed...I emailed you...did you get it???]

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With all the bread discussions of late, the bread book is timely, and will no doubt get lots of use! And I love the shaping of the vase. And who could not love oatmeal cookies! I'd be cleaning them up too!

Nice selection of goodies Weed!


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Weed has excellent taste, that's for sure. That vase is truly beautiful. I've had those oatmeal cookies before, too. They're great, aren't they? Lucky you, Deb, to get a little bit of St. Louis. Nice...

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Oh, you're gonna love that book!

The fear factor stuff is just too funny - great idea for the kids. As somebody who collects vases, I'd say Weed made an excellent choice! Enjoy your package

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Great package Deb! I think Weed hit the mark with that Bread Book and the lovely vase as well as the cookies and slimey candy for the kids!!

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Oh Deb, Wendy couldn't have chosen a more perfect cookbook for you. You are going to love The Bread Baker's Apprentice.

And that vase is beautiful. And I know that your whole family are going to enjoy the Dad's Cookies.


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Deb, I was so excited when Ann sent me your name! I am so glad that vase didn't break, and that you like the cookies. They are oddly addicting, aren't they?

To everyone else....the slimey candy was not for the kids! Deb posted something awhile back that just cracked me up. She actually removed pictures of food from a magazine because the pictures grossed her out! One of the funniest things I've ever read here. So those octopi were definitely for Deb ;)

I didn't get your email, GW is bad about that since IV took over. Try my forum name @charter.net

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Deb, you got a great cookbook, I know I'd love it. If the vase doesn't fit your style....well, just sent it my way....I love it. You could also send me the cookies (if there's any left) but you can keep the slimey stuff....LOL

Very nice pkg Wendy!


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Another wonderful box - lovely choices Wendy. Yep, I can vouch for Weed sending great things, I was lucky enough to get a swap box from her. I'll bet the handblown vase would go in more than one spot in your home Deb. I'm looking forward to seeing what you bake from your new book.


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Wow, Wendy!!! What a great package! I remember when Deb posted about the Octopus.... What a great find!! And, Deb, I'd like to make that round loaf on the cover, too.... I think it looks divine! If the rest of the pics are as good....

and WoW! again! That vase is great! How wonderful that the colors are almost perfect for your place.

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The bread cookbook looks like a definate keeper and like one I want to look for, too. That vase is breathtaking. I bet the cookies are good, too. Deb, you're one lucky lady! Weed, great job.


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Wonderful package, Wendy! I'm glad you let us in on the joke as I missed that. Too funny! The Fear Factor "cheater" was a great addition.

Lovely vase, great bread book, and I can always go for oatmeal cookies! Enjoy, Deb!

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GREAT package! Love the vase. Enjoy~

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Oh, that vase is lovely! Is it blown glass? Deb, you will have lots of fune making breads, now with that book to guide you!

I am hungry for one of those cookies, too! LOL on the octopus "cheater gift"!!!


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Love that vase Weed! LOL on the octopus reference, I remember that Deb!

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Oh...don't remind me. I'll have nightmares again! LOL!

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Great stuff Wendy. Very interesting cookbook. I wish I had the bread making gene, there's nothing better than bread fresh from the oven. The vase is really cool too, and I can eat my weight (almost) in oatmeal cookies. Enjoy it all Deb and be sure to share some bread baking adventures when you get into trying some recipes.

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Wow those cookies look like breakfast, lunch and dinner with an ice cold glass of milk or a hot cup of tea.

And the vase...WOW is right..I love it too.

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The cookbook is perfect, love the vase, and I really want a cookie.

Looking forward to seeing what you make.

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Perfect cookbook for you Deb! The vase is very unique and I'm wanting a cookie now! excellent swap box Weed!


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Oh yes, I also remember the magazine with the offending pictures that grossed Deb out. LOL

The vase is lovely, but that cookbook is perfectly wonderful, I'll bet Deb will use it a lot.


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That is a lovely package...and my grandkids would kill for that octopus, lol!

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What a wonderful package. The vase is just stunning. I would love some recipes from that beautiful book too.

Unbelievable box you put together Weed. The octopus was a nice touch.

Enjoy your gifts Deb!


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Wow, another perfect swap box! Weed, you sure know how to put a swap box together.

Deb, Enjoy and remember you have to share the cookies with the kids!

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That vase is really pretty! And as a novice bread baker, that book looks really interesting.

Good job Weed!

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That vase is beautiful. I love the Fear Factor slimy Octopus - always keep your sense of humor. :) Great package - enjoy!

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Deb I want, I really, really, want that vase, it is beautiful...but you can keep the cookbook! LOL

Wendy what a great job!

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Great package, perfect for Deb. I love the vase but you can have it Chase, just give me the cookbook when you take the vase. LOL


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Wendy, what a wonderful package! That vase is beautiful!! The cookbook is the perfect selection for a baker and the cookies look delish! Enjoy, Deb!

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That is a nice package, Wendy. The vase is beautiful and I would love the bread baking cookbook. DH and DS would devour the cookies and DGS wouldn't hesitate to try the Fear Factor slimy octopus!

Good job, Deb!

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