how do i change

patches_02November 23, 2011

that shows in my computer? i bought a used laptop and it sames C:\user\name\document.:How do i get it to say my name instead of theres. TIA

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Please read your posts before posting.

Does this post Really make any sense .. to you?

I have no idea what .. "that shows in my computer? i bought a used laptop and it sames C:\user\name\document.:How do i get it to say my name instead of theres." .. means!?

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I'm not sure but I think she is trying to find out how to change the ownership name of the laptop to her name vice the previous owners name

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Literacy is wonderful. I recommend it to everyone. I strongly suggest it to those who are attempting to request help from others......who can only by guessing figure out what it is that they want.

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Change username under Documents and Settings XP

With second-hand computers, especially if acquired from strangers but perhaps even if acquired from a family member or friend, your wisest course of action would definitely be to format the hard drives and start fresh.

The user profile folders (C:\Documents and Settings\Username) cannot be renamed, without risky registry editing, even if the associated user account has been. So, your best course of action would be to log on using the built-in Administrator account, create a new user account, with the username desired. Once you've logged in using this new account (and transfered any data you need to preserve, you can then delete the old user account(s).

Some information here

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"When a user account is created, a unique identifier is assigned to it that can never be changed. At the time the account is created, the account subtree name is bound to that ID.

When you change the name of an existing account via Control Panel, Users, you map a new name to the same invariant ID. But by now, many applications will have cast their own data paths in stone, using the existing user account subtree name, so that cannot be renamed.

So what you see is the new name when looking at the namespace level of abstraction - Control Panel, Users, or the Welcome screen, or other login contexts, and the general desktop UI - but when you drop to the
raw file system, you see the old user name embedded in the account's storage path. If you drop down further, you don't see user names at all, only the raw ID that was assigned when the account was made.

If you create an account with the same user name, as can happen in XP but may be prudently blocked in Vista, the reverse happens. You have what appears to be the same name, but a different unique ID is spawned, and a new account subtree is spawned that is bound to it.

That's why the best way is to reinstall to change the name under C:\Documents and Settings\Username."

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I didn't really mean to come off sounding so terse.

I just couldn't figure out what was being asked.

I see that zep figured it out and now .. I am going to go and figure out exactly what zep was saying in that second post of his! 8)

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About a year ago, I was given a laptop with Vista installed that was purchased from a pawn shop. It had 5 names spread through out the system. The Computer name was not the same as the name that appeared in the Device Manager. The Task Manager displayed a totally different name as well. After trying to change that we encountered issues with permissions in the registry.

After discussing this issue with a fella who helped us to get SP2 installed due to corrupt files we ended up having to reinstall. Problem solved.

In my opinion, anytime you are given a used computer the best thing is to have the Operating System reinstalled. That way if there are any "hidden" infections they are wiped out and you can start with a clean slate.

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