DIY Monitor Stand

chrishodgNovember 11, 2012


I want to build my own monitor stand (floor pole; not wall mount) for a 23" touch screen monitor (19 lbs.) for a All In One PC.

My challenge is that I want the stand to swivel/fold out from a collapsed position to over my lap while I sit in my recliner.

So instead of a laptop on my lap I want the wireless keyboard in my lap and the monitor on a stand at eye-level over my legs. It is a 23" touch screen using Windows 8.

I've searched for joints - swivel, ball, bolt/wing nut, articulating arms etc. but really haven't found anything.

Does anyone have any design ideas? Or a source of joint parts?

Thanks in advance!

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Search using these key words DIY Monitor Stand

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

I searched but didn't find anything; gave me many results with anything but "DIY Monitor Stand"!

What I found before I posted was desk mounts; mine is a floor pole mount that swings out over my recliner; not a desk.

Haven't even found anything even close to that; perhaps you could search for me since you know the web site.

Thanks again!

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I saw what you probably want somewhere made for laptops. Think most likely it was OfficeDepot. Convenient for me is OfficeDepot, Staples, BestBuy. But office depot is the best place to be ignored and easiest to buy something.

You would probably need to adapt it for the remote monitor. Basicly it had two different ways to order for the base of it. The base I wanted was a weighted base that was designed to roll under the sofa or side of chair. It had a fold down, swing out, twist any direction, tension spring loaded lockable articulated arm with a shelf for the laptop.

My old desktop computer, I just took a piece of paneling and covered it with formica and made it perfect size for my keyboard and a mouse pad.. It was my lapDesk... works fine.

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When my wife read these posts her eyes rolled back and as she collapsed lifelessly to the floor I faintly heard something about not this house dead body - I didn't quite catch it all........

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Thanks, Mikie! I'll check out Office Depot.

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Are you looking for something like this? I used to order photography stuff from that site years ago and they are reliable but I bet you can find something like that else where too. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: Monitor Stand

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