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ivamaeNovember 17, 2011

I had a gmail account and decided I would like a second one for another purpose, so I set one up. However, now I can't get into the first one - only the new one. Can anyone tell me how I can access each of them when I want to

I'll be very appreciative.


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You need to log out on one account before you can log into the other.

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I know I'm petty dense but how do I do that?

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Click on your user name at the top right of your gmail page and select 'sign out' on the drop down menu.

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Thanks so very much.

I really, really appreciate your help

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This seems so simple, I didn't realize it was.

I'm thinking this is the way to have have and use a different email addresses when having to give your email address to companies when you are asking them questions?

My email address is my name which is good and bad. Bad when it comes to putting it out there for all to see.

Am I missing something, or is this a great way for me at least, to stop putting my name out all over the web?


Always learning..............


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Hi, Ginny

Some services (like Hotmail, Yahoo and Fastmail) have aliases, additional email addresses at which you can receive email but which are part of your main account. You can create these aliases for use specifically with certain recipients. One alias for shopping, newsletter sign-ups, etc. Another for message boards, twitter, youtube, etc. Another for business, etc.

In fact, some people, knowing in advance that a certain service has aliases, will create an account with a username that they intend to use only for login purposes. They use only the aliases for actual sending/receiving of email. This helps keeps the account username secret and adds (a little) to the security of the account.

For Gmail (the subject of this thread) the only place aliases can be used is with Google Apps (where they are called "nicknames"). But to use that you have to have your own domain. They're cheap, though: about $10/yr -- and Google Apps is free.

But for regular Gmail account users, the only way to accomplish what you want is create a second (or third or fourth) account. Then, if you want to avoid always having to login and check both accounts, set up the second account to forward all incoming mail to your main account, and set up your main account to be able to send from the second Gmail account. Both of those are very easy to do. :-)

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Thanks for the great information! I do have Gmail so will look more closely at what you say about that service.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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I have 5 different gmail accounts for those very reasons. We are house shopping and I have all my real estate searches coming in to one account. One is my private account, the other two are for forums, shopping, etc., anything which is not important.

I like it as I only have my private account coming into my cell phone which keeps me sane. The other accounts are accessible by computer only. Keeps all the junk off my phone.


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