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spartywarrenOctober 30, 2009

I just recently purchased a Bluestar range and discovered that my farberware stainless cookware just doesn't make the grade on this range. Can anyone recommend a good set of basic cookware to use? I've been looking at the All Clad and the Emerilware All Clad, does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks so much!!

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The subject of cookware sets has been posted about a lot on this forum, the Cooking forum and the Kitchens forum. Bluestar or not, it is essential to have appropriate cookware. The general consensus is do NOT get a set of cookware, unless you absolutely feel you need the convenience and timesaving of just doing everything at once. The problems with sets are that they contain pots/pans in the set you don't need, are missing pots/pans that would be key to have, use up a lot of cabinet storage for the ones you don't need, and some pots/pans are perfect at the low-end of price (e.g. nonstick fry pan, you should have one or two and they should be cheap since all nonstick will chip after 1-3 years even the most expensive), while some you should spend top dollar for (e.g. Le Creuset dutch oven, a stainless steel fry pan or saute pan, a 4-qt. saucepan).

As to All-Clad, they are great pots and pans. But some people (including me) find the handles uncomfortable, so you should check that out in a store. Also, All-Clad is very expensive, and some of that cost is just due to the marketing and advertising and name cache. I myself have one All-Clad frypan and one All-Clad saucepan, but I wouldn't buy any more, as I think there are alternatives (e.g. Cuisinart or Tramontina for a tall stock pot, Calphalon for a roasting pan, Demeyere for a saute pan and saucepan).

You can do a search on this forum for "cookware set" and come up with a bunch of threads. I will link a thread from the Kitchens Forum to get you started.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens Forum Thread about Cookware

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Thanks! I'll check those out.

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I also have a new Bluestar and was in the market for some new cookware. I'd really recommend taking a look at Tramontina's clad cookware. I had bought a few pieces of All-Clad and it's great, but then I found a 2 quart Tramontina saucepan at Walmart one day and bought it because it was reasonable enough to take a chance , and I was blown away. Virtually identical to all clad in form and function and a lot less expensive. I was able to purchase additional pieces of Tramontina through Walmart online and I love them all. I have a couple of All Clad and Tramontina pieces in the same size (like the 4 quart saucepan) and I will say that I do reach for the Tramontina first because of the handles. I don't despise the All Clad handles, but Tramontina's are a bit more comfortable for me. Just make sure if you go for the Tramontina that it's their tri-ply line. Good luck and enjoy your Bluestar; I love mine!

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I just returned from Walmart, Macy's & Sur La Table and checked out the Tramontina, All Clad, & Sur La Table ( all tri-ply). I was impressed with the Tramontina in comparison to the All Clad (especially due to the price difference). I wasn't crazy about the handles on the All Clad and found the handles on the Tramontina & Sur La Table to be more comfortable. Walmart currently has the 8 piece set for $149.99. I think I'm going to go with the Tramontina (although I won't get it until Christmas--it's a gift from mom).

Victoriajane--I'm lovin' the Bluestar, glad you are too!

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Spartywarren - I think the Tramontina Triply cookware at Walmart is great. BUT, I'm sorry, I would not buy the set you are talking about. Not a good use of your Mom's Christmas money. The set is missing some essential cookware, and has a couple pieces you likely won't use. For example, an 8" saute pan is REALLY small. I have one that someone gave me, and it just sits in my cabinet. Even when cooking for one, it's still really too small. The 10" saute pan that does come in the set is pretty good, but I find myself reaching for my 12" pan the most (Tramontina makes a 12" triply pan, but not for this set).

And SAUCEPANS! The set comes with a 1-qt. and a 2-qt saucepan, nothing bigger. Those two sizes are very duplicative, since they are small enough just to be useful when reheating a can of soup or something like that. It's good to have ONE of those (the 2-qt. being a little more versatile), but a waste of space to have both. But then the set is lacking a 4-qt. saucepan, which is the most essential size saucepan to have, extremely versatile for just about anything. Again, Walmart sells a 4-qt. Tramontina triply saucepan, but not in the set. The set also comes with a 5-qt. Dutch oven, which I have myself. I use it for boiling pasta, and corn on the cob, and a few other things. But when I am making chili, spaghetti sauce, soup, or stew, the 5qt. is definitely not big enough. For those dishes, I recommend you buy the Tramontina 6.5 qt. enamelled cast iron dutch oven (got very high reviews from Cooks Illustrated magazine, practically as good as a Le Creuset, which costs, like $250). That cast iron dutch oven is very versatile, it can be used for the dishes I just mentioned, and also to roast chicken or make pot roast too.

I think your mom's Christmas money can be put to better use than that Tramontina set, which has items you won't use much, and is missing items you'll want to use a lot. I highly recommend you make a list of the separate Tramontina pots you'll need, and have your Mom buy them that way as your Christmas present.

Here are my suggestions:

Triply 2 qt. saucepan = $30
Triply 4 qt. saucepan = $50
Triply 12" saute pan = $40
Enamelled Cast Iron 6.5 qt. Dutch Oven = $45

Total = $165, about $15 more than the set you wanted, but you'll use it much more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tramontina 6.5 qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven (red or green)

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And if someone else wants to buy you a Christmas present, I'd suggest the 8 quart stock pot with insert ($80). I use it all the time.

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