Garage Doors--Too many grids?

mommytotyOctober 16, 2013

We are building a coastal style house and I want to keep the look clean and classic. I've included the exterior elevation below. We are adding grids to the upper half of the double hung windows in the front of the house and the front door will be a double door with grids (as shown).

For the garage doors, I am trying to decide whether going with the 6 grids per pane as shown will look too busy or whether to do a cleaner look with only 4 grids (or even 3 grids) per pane. I have already switched to a simpler style door (with only two sections below the windows rather than 3).

I haven't figured out how to post multiple pictures, so I will post a picture of the two garage door designs I am considering.

Thanks for your input!

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Here is a picture of the two garage door styles (also considering just three grids per pane, but not pictured here).

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"Simulated divided lites" is the architectural term for "grids".

More important than the number of fake lites you're choosing is how they're created. Usually, instead of cheap plastic grids stuck on the inside of the window, the window and the home would look better bare and honest.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb discussion of window lites

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Worthy, thanks for your correction on terminology and the helpful link. We are not doing the plastic grids stuck on the inside of the panes. They will be on the outside (both sides) with a spacer in between the panes. Does that make a difference?

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I would match the number of lites per garage window to the number of lites per upper window on your double hung windows.

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The problem I see is not necessarily the number of lites over all (although I have to agree with Worthy that less may be more) it's the inconsistency of dimension and direction that you are considering.

Some lites may be vertical rectangles as on one of the garage options, the double hungs might be square but that's difficult to determine, and the front doors look as if they might be horizontal rectangles. I'm not an expert but I know what looks off to my eye and seeing a house where the lites are all different makes it look like an after thought because ideally part of the planning should be sizing window and doors so that lites are consistent in proportion. I'd say keep it simple and skip lites on the garage and double hungs - make the front door the feature.

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Thanks, Juju and dlm2000! Here is a picture with different size/shape lites in the windows and the garage and I think it still has a clean, cohesive look. I will also have the front door in the mix, though, so I agree you don't want to mix too many shapes. The windows and garage doors will be white, but the front doors will be walnut, so maybe its ok if the front doors have different lites since they will already be visually different?

Like so many decisions with a new house, you spend all this time analyzing every little detail and one wrong decision and it can look like it was an afterthought despite all the time you actually spent thinking about it!! ;-)

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mommytoty it looks to me like those are all vertical rectangles but perhaps I'm not seeing something clearly. I don't think the actual dimensions of lites is an issue but orientation and proportion being somewhat consistent is important. As window sizes may vary around a house, the lites will be somewhat larger or smaller. Ideally the windows are proportioned so that the lites are generally the same size and always the same orientation. I'm probably extra sensitive to this because my next door neighbor built a house and on the windows facing us most (but not all) main windows have lites that are almost square yet have transoms with lites that vary from skinny horizontal rectangles to wider vertical rectangles! It's a total mish mash.

With your front door being a stain, I think that will help. The devil is in the details and I don't know how you keep them all straight!!

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