Anolon stainless non-stick - costco

PoorOwnerOctober 26, 2008

I was wondering what you guys think of the Anolon set currently at costco. I think it was $199 with an assortment of pans and pots. Non-stick interior with stainless outside, thick and weight heavy with riveted handles.

It is made in China and for Meyer (parent company?)

I think I see non-stick coating at the top edge not finished too well and the lid was chipping at it.

Currently the costco non-stick set that is made in Italy, but I am changing to induction cook top so I am looking for non-stick that works with induction cooktop and the Anolon says that it does.

We also have cast iron and a few SS cookware but occasionally need some non-stick ones, these seems to be in the right budget.

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Never been impressed with Anolon. Most have thin bottoms on the pans which tends to lead to uneven cooking.

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