Sick of hard to keep clean Alum cookie sheets!

renoincaliOctober 15, 2006

Which way should I go: Non-stick or Silpat liners? Any input would be appreciated.

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Are they thin or heavy duty? What are you baking? Do you use parchment paper?

My lightweight cookies sheets never cleaned up well, and they warped. I got a pair of shiny heavy duty professional sheets at Sam's Club for $10. They clean up perfectly every time. I do use parchment paper when I bake cookies and stuff like that. When I do oven fried potatoes, I use oil, and stuff sticks, but it washes right off. They look as good as new.

I have not used the Silpat liners but others do and swear by them.

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Parchment paper is great, Silpat liners even better (because infinately reusable). Bakers Catalog used to have a tube of pre cut parchment with many, many sheets. If they still sell them that way, it is a bargain. Great for from-scratch pizza, fyi.

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I always use Silpat-type liners. You don't need Silpat brand though. On Amazon, you can find a brand called Matfer Exopat that are half the price of Silpat and work perfectly.

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I have a stainless cookie sheet and it's not worth a toot....
Aluminum is best...even though hard to clean.
An SOS soap pad works wonders...but prevention is the best policy.
Silpat is good as is parchment paper.
Linda C

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I like Doughmakers cookie sheets. They're ugly but they work -- and clean up beautifully. Doughmakers sheets have little indented lines all over that let air underneath during baking & then help release the cookie later.

I've always been a fan of parchment paper & know fans of the various Silpat clones but now that I have a couple Doughmakers cookie sheets I don't need other products. (I sound like a commercial but I promise I have no financial interest!!! I see them at TJMaxx as well as "better" cooking shops.)

If I do something really stupid I still have to soak the sheet flat for a few minutes in my sink. But everything seems to release with those little lines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Doughmakers cookie sheets

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I read on the cooking forum last year, tried it and now only bake cookies using parchment paper.

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It sounds like either parchment or Silpat-type liners are the way, but I have seen comments on Amazon that these silicon products (Silpat-type)do leave an "aftertaste". Any experiences? Also, no one mentioned non-stick as an option, is this due to staying away from the teflon products in general? Thanks all.

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