Favorite portable induction burner?

artemis78October 15, 2010

We're looking to get a portable induction burner to use during a kitchen remodel. I have the Cooks' Illustrated reviews of them, which recommends the Max Burton 6000, but this seems to get mixed reviews elsewhere. Trying to stay under $200.

Any favorites in GW land that you can recommend?

Also, on a side note---our primary cooktop is gas so we're not looking to acquire much in the way of specialty induction cookware. We have several All-Clad stainless pans plus a set of cast iron cookware, in addition to our Farberware Millennium copper-clad stainless set; am I right in thinking that with this mix we should have enough pots and pans that will work to get through a few weeks using the induction burner as the primary cook surface?


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I got the Sunpentown a few years ago. I don't use it too often, it's my 5th burner when I'm having a big dinner or canning, etc. I also use it when the grandchildren are helping me cook something, since I don't like them hanging over the gas cooktop.

It works.

It was about $100, on sale, at Amazon, when I got it. I had to buy a couple of saucepans, but I have cast iron pans that I use most of the time.

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We've got a Waring Pro that works just fine. I don't remember the exact price, but probably less than $150 on Amazon. We only use it as a supplement now, but had to use it as our only burner for about 4 months while the kitchen was being finished. I have All Clad, also, and picked up a couple of pieces of very inexpensive Ikea cookware to supplement.

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One vote for the Max Burton. It's around $100 and mine works great.

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