Paula Deen iron cookware recalled

mara_2008October 11, 2009

Link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Paula Deen iron cookware recalled

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Sorry to say that this is just one more reason not to buy anything made in China. Although, I will admit that I have had a Lodge cast iron griddle break in half while heating for pancakes one morning. I just chalked it up to my inattention and letting it overheat.

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Just a side note from a new person....What was probably missing here was a Quality Control presence...although it seems we get pounded with cheap stuff out of china, there is alot of good stuff when done through an american company, i.e. Emerilware (made in china) working with All-Clad. Consumer Report rated it very highly in Sept 2009 report.

The more chefs put their name on stuff, and it does this, they will lose their following, IMHO.


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Last time I saw Emeril Lagasse make Johnnycake, he used a Lodge skillet, not his own brand.

How's THAT for an endorsement?

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Brian, you hit the nail on the's all about Quality Control or lack thereof.


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