QVC--Technique Hard Anodized-Opinions Please!!

alwaysgolfOctober 24, 2006

I mostly hang out on the Building a Home, kitchen and appliance forums. We are in the process of building a new home, I was thinking of getting the wife some new pots and pans. Her and her friends really like the Technique Hard Anodized that is sold on QVC. I was wondering if anyone has this or has any experience with it. Plus she is a Christmas baby so it would make a nice present just in case the house isn't done on time. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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QVC's Cook's Essentials is a decent, middle-of-the-road cookware. It can't compare to something like All-Clad; but, it's also not the price. Congratulations on your new home!


PS Don't get your wife pots/pans for Christmas! Make them a "just because I love you" present. Get her something personal for Christmas!

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triciae--it is also her B-day so it makes it extra hard to shop for her. But cooking and baking is her passion so to speak, more baking though.

Does all anodized have to be hand washed or is that just a recommendation.

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I got my mom the Technique hard anodized (a set) for Christmas last year and she loves it. I have cooked at her home a few times since then and it really is nice cookware.

I have one pan of the Cooks Essentials Stainless 500. Don't waste your money on that stuff, it is thin and flimsy--but the hard anodized is nice --especially for the price.

It does need to be hand washed--that is the recommendation.

Look at the Temptations presentable stoneware for her as well. I have some of this, pretty and really nice to use.

Congrats on the new home.

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