All Clad Nonstick 11' Square vs. 12' Circular

harry_wildSeptember 9, 2006

I purchased the 11" All Clad Nonstick square grill pan ($70.00) at William Sonoma and was walking past the Main Course at Bloomingdales and found the 12" All Clad Nonstick Circular grill for $49.99.

What are the advantages of each and which one would you buy? I was wonder why did they make it square? I see alot of square shape grill pans now and I do not know the reason for the square shape?????????

Note: I think both are LTD; well the description at WS read LTD on it but did not indicate that on the box.

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If you're talking about teflon -- or other chemically similar non-stick coatings, you may want to do a little resarch on the dangers. Teflon is a major carcinogen. It's extremely dangerous, but that info has been largely kep quiet for decades. I wouldn't feed my family anything cooked on non-stick--it's far too dangerous. The fumes from a non-stick pan can kill a pet bird if you have one in the house, there have been many cases of birth defects among the children of workers in factories where teflon is usesd. In fact, workers are required to wear respiration apparatus's that bring in clean outside air in the factories, and they STILL develop health problems.

A good quality stainless steel pan, properly used, won't stick, or a well-seasoned cast iron pan (which actually added needed iron to your diet--so it's good for you)--are far healthier choices for your family.

You need not believe me--a quick google search on the dangers of teflon will send you running back to the store to return that pan. There are many legitimate articles about the substance.

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Thanks for your reply; but you are off the topic of the post! Political type opinions are not welcome! I get enough of this from libs. And to rub it in; you did not even address the question posted! Square or Circular?

I face this all the time with libs; will not give an ask if it is something they don't want you to know or is against their believes try to ignore and supply an answer that has completely void of any meaning or change of direction or is misleading. You did the middle option.

Is this politically incorrect or not?

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Because of your comments; I purchased the entire set of All-Clad LTD cookware 15 pieces at William Sonoma and will be donating my Stainless steel set that I purchase 3 years ago! I feel that I have done myself proud and know look forward to unpacking and using the All-Clad. I also purchase the 12" circular girll pan too and have both!

Thank you!

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harry, I am not sure there is an advantage/disadvantage to shape. I think it will end up being at times "the other" would have fit the food better. Either way you go. I believe I would let price guide me in this case.

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harry_wild, you are way off the mark. While I know that azzalea's comments about Teflon may be over the top when it comes to actual danger to humans from such coated cookware, she is hardly outside of the mainstream in her statements about the chemical used to make Teflon.

And to call her post political is ridiculous. It is you who injected that into the discussion by going on about "libs," as if any one particular group on the political spectrum has a patent on what you consider misleading arguments. Talk about offtopic -- you're off the page!

And if you are actually going to get rid of all your SS cookware because of one post with which you disagree, perhaps you need to ask yourself whether your own political temperament is a bit too hot, since any cook worth his salt would laugh at such a "political" move.

Here is a link that might be useful: Teflon

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Boy, this one got silly fast.

The better shape is the one that better fits what you plan to cook in it. For example, I have an 11" square griddle that just fits four slices of French toast. Four slices do not fit on my 12" round griddle, both because it doesn't have corners and because the area is smaller (113 square inches vs. 121 square inches). The square grill pan might be more versatile than the round one too.

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Just updating on the new All-Clad nonstick. It just fantastic! Heats up fast and cooks marvellously and the clean up is with water and brush.

I cannot wait to use the cookware again!

The SS was good but this is by far the best for cooking because of the properties of fast heating and no work clean up!

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Wow, interesting response to someone who only posted to try to help you.

So to spite me--who you don't know and will probably never meet, you went out and purposely bought cookware that might put your family's health at risk? Got to admire someone that single-mindedly vindictive.

Well, as my mother would say, "To each his own, said the old lady as she kissed the cow". Enjoy the new cookware.

(and just so you know--I'm about as far from being a political liberal as it's possible to get--my family had quite a laugh over that one!)

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