Alternate brands of cast aluminum cookware?

b2piSeptember 6, 2007

After years and years of abuse, most of the anodization has been scraped off of my (15 year old) Calphalon. You have no idea what a dedicated housecleaner can do to an innocent pot.

I went and looked at current calphalon offerings, and.... well, then I found the whole sad story.

Thus. I'm looking for HEAVY, unaltered (I don't want non-stick. I don't want glass) cookware. I really liked the old calphalon. I'm willing to live with the health horrors of aluminum -- is there anything out there?

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I agree with you that the new Calphalon leaves a bit to be desired. I'm glad I bought mine when I did -- early 90s -- and have treated it well.

First of all, I'd recommend that you read eGullet's Understanding Stovetop Cookware. It's a bit long, but covers all the bases. The main point of the article is not to buy one type or brand of cookware, but to know which material does best under specific conditions.

For traditional uncoated/non-anodized aluminum cookware, look to Vollrath and Lincoln Wear-Ever. But also consider picking up a couple stainless steel pots and pans, too.

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I am curious, does the lack of the anodization affect the cooking? I know one excellant cook that has used Calphalon for years and some of his pans show the Aluminum now. He feels they still work fine.

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'Health horrors' - I too was staying away from regular aluminum until DH mentioned that restaurants all use it too.

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