In search of one good mezzaluna

garden_of_darwinSeptember 11, 2005

Hi all!

This weekend, I got a great deal on a Boos mezzaluna board ($20!!) but now that I've got it home, I'm longing for the knife to go with it :(. I think I'm inclined toward a model with two knobs or two handles on either end because of wrist issues, but beyond that, I'm not sure how to evaluate a mezzaluna knife. Any tips?

Anyone know the pros and cons of single double blades? Is there anything else about the handle/grip that I should consider (i.e. wood vs. plastic vs. metal). Is one blade easier to keep clean than two? Less chance for accidents? Any preferred brands?

I see that Wusthof makes a couple of dual handled knives with either a single or double blade, as well as a single handle on a single blade. I can't imagine that a Wusthof blade wouldn't be good, but I'm also thinking of ergonomics and ease of use. Any opinions out there?

As always, thanks in advance!


Here is a link that might be useful: One option...

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DW has an F. Dick 9" single-blade mezzaluna with plastic handles that she's used for a number of years. It took a bit of work to get a good edge on it initially but it sharpens well now. She uses it on a flat wooden cutting board. I've never been able to use a mezzaluna very effectively, but in the hands of an expert like DW it's an impressive cutting tool.

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Thanks! You say it one with 2 handles? I'm thinking that this would be a better arrangement for someone with carpal tunnel issues, but without having actually used one, I'm not sure I'm thinking about it right. I also would like to teach my children to use it (with proper training and supervision, of course!), and I'm thinking that with two hands on the two handles, no fingers will be under the blade(s).

Anyone else have any mezzaluna experiences?


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Yes, it has two handles. DW first used a mezzaluna as a child, for exactly the reason you suggest. She has a technique of using the side of the blade to pull the food back into the pile as she chops it. It's fascinating to watch. It's also hard on the cutting edge. That's how I know about sharpening it :-)

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Would you believe Ikea? Of course you would. I only saw it in the catalog not in the store yesterday. It is of course a little handles, two blades and called a KOMMERS herb chopper, bowl incl for ....$9.99.

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Hi Susan! Did you ever get your mezzaluna? I would the think the advantage of a double blade would be that you could chop more at one time. As far as a single blade with the handle on top vs. a double blade with two handles goes, I can only speak to the single handle blade. I also have carpel tunnel, and find the single blade to work great for me. The rocking motion needed for the blade to cut isn't hard on my wrist, and I use mine on a flat cutting board as well.

If you have already, or once you get your knife, please come back and let us know how you like it!

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Here's the type I use, even though it sounds like you're looking for a more traditional mezzaluna. I use mine a lot for fine mincing, which sometimes gets to me when using a traditional knife. The single blade makes it easier to sharpen, which I have had to do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ulu knife

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Thanks for the suggestions!

So, say the one handle works fine for you? I don't have a constant problem with Carpal Tunnel--it's usually worse in warm humid weather or when I'm otherwise retaining water, IYKWIM. I just thought that 2 handles and an up/down arm motion would be easier than a wrist based rocking motion. But maybe I don't know what I'm talking about since I've never had one!

MsA -- I saw the one at IKEA, ironically just moments before I found the board. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to run back to get the knife, and I figured I would want to do some research on the different types and the pros and cons thereof. It's still under consideration, but I'm 2 hours away, and they don't do internet orders. Waa!

I think...for simplicity's sake, I want one blade--easier to clean, less to sharpen and theoretically, 50% less chance of slicing your fingers off. Plus, probably easier to store. I'm still thinking the 2 handles for the kids, but maybe I could get one of each!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...:)


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Susan, I think the reason the single handle works for me is that I can easily keep my wrist straight, while I'm using a rocking motion to mince the herbs. Of course it's different strokes, different folks, but you might test one out in the store. I don't think getting one of each is a bad idea, especially if you can encourage your kids to cook!

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