WANTED: The Secret Ingredient is .... Resentment!

ArabellaMillerNovember 25, 2008

Yay me! Jesse was my swap partner.

First things first, Ceramic - a lovely Hanukkah Platter for the dozens of latkes I make every year. In past years I've used a teacup for the applesauce, so this will be a VAST improvement. LOVE IT!

Next, Paper - a large selection of awesome notepads. These are perfectly Jesse and perfectly hilarious. My favorite is "The secret ingredient is resentment.", but the other are also great -

funny... I don't recall asking for your opinion

make your own damn dinner

you'll eat it... you'll eat it and like it

because I'm the mother, that's why

(Mom and baby) together we will own your grandparents

Best part, they're magnets so they attach right to the fridge.

Oh, but that's not the best part. The best part was the last selection of Jesse's choosing - homemade spiced kumquats and fig preserves! And a can of delicious looking tomatoes. Can't wait to try them all.

And, EJ was kind enough to throw in a craft for the kids, which I'm insisting they not open until Hanukkah.

Thanks Jesse - you rule.


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Wow, what a lovely platter. That blue is really stunning. It is so nice to get homemade items! I am sure you will enjoy it all AM.

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I've had the fig preserves of course, but homemade spiced kumquats? You must come back and tell us what that's like - drooling minds want to know!

I love the latke plate and the notepads sound like just the thing for busy moms.

Good picks Jessica - enjoy, AM!

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I resent that I didn't get some of those items.
I resent that Jessica made me order those tomatoes.
I resent that Jessica sent more items than allowed.
I resent that I have tons of kumquats and can't make homemade spiced kumquats.

and yes...Jessy rules!

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That platter is cooollllll!

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I heartily agree that Jessy rules. :) That is an excellent swap gift! Where did you get those notepads Jessy? I need some!


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OM goodness-- Jessy did it again-- she always finds the neatest things--

Enjoy it all, AM

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Cathy, you crack me up. I'll add to it.
I resent the fact that I've never had a latke
I resent that I'm not sure what a kumquat is
Nice stuff Jessy, AM enjoy!

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Me too Jim! I've never had a latke!
Great package Jessica!


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What a cool and unique platter. Those notepads are so neat..especially the sayings. Kumquat and fig preserves sound heavenly, and I've heard those tomatoes are the best.
Enjoy your goodies AM, and Jesse great job!


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Oh good AM I'm glad you like it. I was really holding my breath on the notepads....but I just couldn't resist the thought of 'Make your own damn dinner' on a fridge.

Bri, the notepads and a whole other slew of irresistible items can be found at Annetaintor. Under 'Products', check out 'Find your favorites' and 'Holiday Cards' to see the whole shebang.

The recipe for the kumquats is Kumquats in Spiced Syrup. Jim, a kumquat is a very small citrus which you eat whole. The peel is sweet and the inside is sour.

I couldn't in good conscience just send one inexpensive can of tomatoes, so I had to add to round it out! Some of you remember that Teresa and I RAVE about that brand of maters. Validation here........ordering instructions are on there somewhere...

AM you'll have to post your latke recipe for the deprived. And the depraved - that'll be me.....


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Very cool! What a perfect gift for AM!

Jim, I'm with you never had a latke but would love to so AM how about that recipe?

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Jessica, you did good. The Latke plate is so pretty. Can't wait for Arabella to load it up with latkes. I'd be putting sour cream in that little centre dish to serve with them. And the note pads are too cute.

Sharon, I can't believe having lived in Toronto that you have never had a Latke at one of the many wonderful Jewish Delis.


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What a nifty platter. Jessy, you always find great stuff. That reminds me that I want to order one of those "weiner men" for my nephews in law for Christmas.

I also have to catch up on my Jewish food. I've never had a latke or a blintz. Strange, because my BF is Jewish and I practically have a synagogue in my backyard. My mom does make a mean matzo ball soup, though.

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Oh boy, I NEED that platter! It's beautiful and just the ticket for serving potato latkes, or even soufganiot (jelly donuts) and maybe some cinnamon sugar for dipping?? Jessy, you put together the nicest swap packages, I can't decide which of those note pads I like best:-) The fig preserves are sublime, on a bagel with cream cheese. Enjoy it all AM, and maybe we can start a Chanukah thread with all of our latke recipes!!

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Because I'm the Mother, that's why...LOL...that brings back some memories of long ago!

Great package EJ! Love the platter, perfect for AM's holiday entertaining. The homemade things add a special personal touch as well. Guess I'll have to order some of those tomatoes, I've yet to find them in the stores here.

Enjoy it all AM! Oh, fill us in on the kids surprise when they get it.


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wow, that is a great platter, and could be used for a lot of things in addition to latkes.

but the fig preserves, now THERE's a gift!


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You guys crack me up! The note pads are great! Latkes and applesauce and sour cream....ooooohhhh so comforting! The whole package is great...if you ever plan a CT CF Latke party - let me know~ I'll bring the cannoli - maria

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I love magnetic notepads! and all this talk of latkes are making me hungry! Great Platter! and hmmm... fig preserves... how awesome!! great package EJ!

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Cool platter, Jessy. The note pads are great, too...handy, I use them all the time, but mine aren't that cute. Figs....mmmmmm. Enjoy, AM (and enjoy torturing the kids with that package, hehe).

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I make lots of latkes, and so I can relate to that plate. I also make fig preserves and so I know how great it is to have some of that!! Sarcastic notes cards... I think that's possibly a female thing!!! Have fun with them! I'm sure your kids will appreciate them.


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I've never had a latke

What!? Anyone who's never had a latke is officially invited to my house for latkes at Hanukkah. C'mon over! I'll feed ya. LOL

Great package! I'm just now coming over and looking to see what's being swapped. Great stuff!! The preserves sound heavenly!

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Now I'm going to have to figure out how to make latkes so I won't feel left out! Or maybe I just need to crash a Hanukkah party somewhere to try them. :)


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