Coffee grinders

donnar57September 21, 2007

Right as we were going into our kitchen model, our Mr. Coffee coffee-bean grinder shorted out. A few days later, and after coffee from a plastic can, I went out to our travel trailer (stored 60 miles away) and picked up the trailer's grinder (GE) and a few other things we needed for the temporary kitchen.

Now that the kitchen is done, it's time to start thinking about buying a new coffee-bean grinder for the house kitchen. The travel trailer's is a very simple one, but it's also a little old.

I wonder if any of you have bought a new coffee-bean grinder in the past year, and had good luck with it?



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All of my research on Amazon, Epinions, eGullet, and CoffeeGeek led me to the Capresso Infinity.

Best bang for the buck, no regrets. Use one of them 20% off coupons at Bed, Bath & Beyond for even greater pleasure!

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Kitchenaid Pro Line burr grinder: Rugged. Accurate. Easy to clean and maintain. No outside dust while grinding. Selectable grinds from coarse for a plunge pot to very fine for espresso. The grinds consistently come out even with no "rocks" or "sand" as you might find from other machines. Priced in line with other burr grinders. Wish all of the Kitchenaid stuff was made as well as this is.

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We have an older Capresso. It works well, but ... it will
NOT grind really really fine as for espresso. Great for
drip and press. When I called and asked if there was
something I could adjust, they told me it's just the
way it is. Next time I'll bring some beans with me.

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