Do You Like Your Staub Cookware? If So, Nicest Color?

sandy808September 1, 2010

After receiving the latest Williams Sonoma catalog, I have pretty much decided to purchase one of the Staub cocottes (some sites call them dutch ovens) to give it a try. Those of you that have it, do you still like it? Any negatives?

I am also having a hard time deciding between the Red (love red), the Graphite (neutral and blends well), or the Matte Black (looks like my Lodge) that some on line stores carry. It's hard to tell what they really look like "in person", and I don't live close to any stores that would carry them (LONG drives).

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

I love my Lodge seasoned cast iron, but it can't be used to make tomato based sauces.

I have some copper core All Clad, which I like well enough for a lot of things, but cast iron has an edge here for slow simmered sauces and stews.

I also have some Le Creuset, which is fine. I can't quite put my finger on why I'm not as enamored with it any more. Maybe it's the stained looking enamel inside the pot, after years of use. I also do not feel it browns things as well as the Lodge, for getting those tasty bits incorporated into my sauces. Still it's fine cookware, and maybe I'm just in the mood to try something new.


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I like the Staub pieces that we have very much. We have one LC and like it also.

Color is a very subjective issue. I prefer the reds, blues, and yellows over the dark or neutral colors.

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Thanks susyq. I like the primary colors, as well.

I had thought of the matte black, as it has the look of my Lodge, but colors are so fun! Do you feel the colored enamel exteriors hold up well to heavy use?

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Love my Staub, but bought my few pieces in person because several people who purchased online reported ill-fitting lids. I have had my Le Creuset for thirty+ years with no complaints and one simply cannot beat LC's warranty, but DH prefers the Staub looks (less "fifties"); and I find the Staub colors gorgeous in the way that I find ceramic tile and silk taffeta colors gorgeous. But then, I don't do neutrals. LOL. I have grenadine and basil, but I adore the blue--a true cobalt. The titanium is a metallic silver, limited shapes available, but quite striking as an accent. Okay, so I haven't helped you at all, have I? The W-S red is pretty, but I think I prefer the grenadine.

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Ah, yes, I have a grenadine braiser -- stunning.

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The W-S red runs slightly to the brick and the grenadine more toward the maroon. I'll see if I can find good web representations of the colors, but usually the W-S red looks more primary online than in IRL and the grenadine appears more purple than IRL. Oh, and just to complicate things, Staub also has a cherry-red red, slightly variegated, closest of the three reds to true primary, apple red.

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W-s red



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I love red so either the cherry red or grenadine works for me.

Before seeing the responses here I went ahead and ordered some pieces from and I ended up deciding on the matte blacke because it will blend in with my Lodge cast iron and not clash with my red Le Creuset. However, if I add any more pieces I'll most likely add some colors for fun.

I checked the fit of my lids and they seem O.K. If I intentionally try to wiggle them around, they do move some. I didn't see any gaps though. Is this normal? I had assumed it was normal for this cookware.

Le Creuset responded immediately to my concerns about the staining when I e-mailed them, and the cookware involved is on the way to them so they can check it out. I am VERY impressed so far with their customer service. And I do still like my Le Creuset and will still use it. I just feel the Staub textured interiors may brown some things better for times when that type of flavor is critical.

Kitchendetective, which Staub red do you feel would come closest to the LeCreuset red? Or are they entirely different? The cherry looks pretty close, but I have to say that grenadine looks rich. The WS red looks nice, but I like brighter colors and I think theirs may have too much brown in it for my taste.


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The W-S Red color looks brighter, and less brown in person than the photo here and you have all the lighter highlights in the rings and lettering which is really pretty. There's another red that was called Pimento which a close match to the LC red but a bit cooler. It's been discontinued. Not sure what the difference is between that red and the newer Cherry color.

There's a great deal now on the 6.75 qt. oval in the Eggplant color for only $139.99 shipped. It's darker than the Grenadine and looks just like the color of a real eggplant with lighter highlights. A very elegant color.

This is a pretty accurate representation of the color, but it's prettier in person.

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