pressure cookers and smooth top ranges

donnar57September 13, 2007

Any advice on using a pressure cooker with a smooth top range? I'm a brand new smooth top range owner (Maytag) and a confirmed pressure cooker user. I think my 6 qt Presto will conform to the requirements of the stove, though it has a little indentation in the center of the bottom that's about 2" in diameter.



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I have no problems using my pressure cooker just like I did on my other stove top. I haven't seen where the heat cycling has interferred at all, but someone else could have had different results.

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Funny you should ask this as I used by pressure cooker today to hurry up the beef shanks for beef n barley soup. I also have a Maytag smooth top 4 yrs old, that I love and it's not a problem. Now my pressure cooker isn't digital or fancy (about 4-5 yrs old) but I've had no problems. The only thing my book on the stove said was not use a cast iron pot on it. Don't know about your 2" indentation.

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Oh, my pressure cooker is probably older than that. I'll bet it's about 20 years old. I believe I had it when we moved into this house 15 years ago, anyway. So it's definitely NOT digital!

Like someone else on this forum, I normally like the old fashioned stuff. But my mom taught me to use a pressure cooker years ago....and I've had one ever since. I even have one that's probably 30 years old, in my travel trailer!


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