D.R.G.M. then something something etc

Katrinka_FidoSeptember 16, 2011

Hello all! Antiques/Collectibles forum referred me to this forum, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I do know it is a german cookie cutter/roller guessing from around(correct me if I'm wrong)40's? Can't make out the other lettering or find anything close on net. Someone on this site has to be an old kitchen utensil collector(read that was their niche & don't remember who) CAN YOU MAKE OUT or familiar with what is the other lettering could be or stand for? Jdea? Uaea? Uded? Jdea. I've read on a D.R.G.M. site that the other initials were an inspector of sorts(like little paper tags 'Inspected by #10') & then you could pin down to a year but that was referring to military things & I have too many letters. I am running into brick walls. Help please & thank you


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Here is a link that might be useful: cooking forum

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